Parama Samhita (English translation)

by Krishnaswami Aiyangar | 1940 | 69,979 words

This page describes pancaratra worship common in south indian temples of the English translation of the Parama Samhita, representing a manual of the Pancaratra school of Vaishnavism philosophy. These pages summarize ritualistic worship, initiation and other topics, as contained in the various Agamas belonging to the Pancaratra school

Pāñcarātra worship common in South Indian temples

Pāñcarātra and Pāñcarātra-worship seem to obtain in the great majority of cases of the Viṣṇu temples of South India, and must have had a large general following, perhaps almost from the beginning. Some of the Pāñcarātra works themselves contain the list of the 108. They themselves sometimes also contain a select list of those which are the most important, or held in the highest esteem. The numbers given of these latter are 9, 6, 5 and 3. This work Parama-saṃhitā is included in these select lists also, excepting the last one, the three last being Sātvata, Pauṣkara and Jaya, which standout most prominently. Each one of these three is provided with another work which is an elaboration and a detailed exposition of the ritual. These three guide the practice of worship in the three great Viṣṇu shrines of South India, Melkoṭṭai (Tirunārāyaṇapuram) in Mysore, Śriraṅgam and Kāñcīpuram (Conjivarām).

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