Parables of Rama

by Swami Rama Tirtha | 102,836 words

Stories in English used by Swami Rama to illustrate the highest teaching of Vedanta. The most difficult and intricate problems of philosophy and abstract truths, which may very well tax the brains of the most intellectual, are thus made not only simple and easy to understand but also brought home to us in a concrete form in such an interesting and ...

Shri Ram Tirtha Pratisthan

(a Word About)

Shri Rama Tirtha Pratisthan was started in the end of year 1919 by lovers and admirers of Swami Rama Tirtha in his sacred memory. Its aims and objects are to publish in different languages particularly the Writings, Lectures and Life of Swami Rama Tirtha and generally such other Works, as are allied to his teachings in decent style and handsome get up, preserving the purity and originality of the subjects and sell them at the lowest possible price.

It consists of Patrons, Members and Associates, who make donations of Rs. 1,000, Rs. 200 and Rs. 25 respectively. The books that it has so far published in different languages are:-


  1. Complete Works of Rama with Note Books.
  2. Note Books, eleven in all, in 2 volumes separately.
  3. Heart of Rama.
  4. Poems of Rama.
  5. Parables of Rama-
  6. Life sketch of Rama with an essay on Mathematics,


  1. Shri Rama Tirtha Granthawali in 16 parts, containing all the writings and teachings of Swami Rama.
  2. Rama Varsha, complete (songs and poems).
  3. An exhaustive commentary on Bhagvat Gita in 3 volumes.
  4. Vedanuvachan.
  5. Atma-sakshatkar-ki kasauti.
  6. Bhagvat Gyan ke Vichtra Rahasya.
  7. Jagjit Pragya.

Full particulars about the work of the Pratisthan and its publications can be known from the Rules of the Pratisthan, and the Catalogue which are available from-

The Manager, Shri Rama Tirtha Pratisthan,
14, Marwari Gali Lucknow

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