Parables of Rama

by Swami Rama Tirtha | 102,836 words

Stories in English used by Swami Rama to illustrate the highest teaching of Vedanta. The most difficult and intricate problems of philosophy and abstract truths, which may very well tax the brains of the most intellectual, are thus made not only simple and easy to understand but also brought home to us in a concrete form in such an interesting and ...

Story 178 - The Example of Duldul

At Lahore and even at Lucknow the Shia community of the Muslims take out in a procession a decorated horse, called „Duldul‟. The Shia devotees respect this horse and offer flowers on it (taking it to be the horse of Imam, the grandson of Prophet Mohammad). No worldly man rides on it. So, too, this ego of yours may be taken as your Duldul. Let only God ride on it to control it. They, who do so, are. worshipped in the world. If you really keep within you the true faith in God, with strong determi¬nation and firm resolve, you will move not only the world but will inspire thousands of worlds like this in an effortless way.

Way to Peace

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