Parables of Rama

by Swami Rama Tirtha | 102,836 words

Stories in English used by Swami Rama to illustrate the highest teaching of Vedanta. The most difficult and intricate problems of philosophy and abstract truths, which may very well tax the brains of the most intellectual, are thus made not only simple and easy to understand but also brought home to us in a concrete form in such an interesting and ...

Story 75 - World a Play

Hide and Seek

A prince in his childhood was playing hide and seek with the children of noblemen. He had much ado to search out the boys. A by-stander remarked, "What is the use of making so much fuss to discover the play-fellows who could be collected immediately it he exercised his princely authority to call them out?" The answer to such a question is that in that case the play would lose its relish. There would remain no interest in the game.

Just, so, in reality you are the supreme Ruler and all-knowing omniscient Divinity, but as you have in fun opened the quest of your own subject (all sorts of ideas and so-called knowledge) in the great hide-and-seek labyrinth of the world, it would not be fair play to give up the trail of thought and to exercise in the game the authority which checkmates the whole play.

MORAL: The play of the world lasts only so long as we do not assert our authority and give up attachment, because the attachment makes the world real and not a play, whereas the assertion of authority brings the play to an end.

Vol. 2 (129)