Paduka-panchaka (the five-fold footstool)

by Arthur Avalon | 1919 | 5,960 words | ISBN-10: 8178223783 | ISBN-13: 9788178223780

This is the English translation of the Paduka-panchaka which represents a hymn by Shiva in praise of the “five-fold footstool of the Guru”. The short text contains seven Sanskrit verses (including a commentary) dealing with aspects of Tantric Yoga, or “Kundalini Yoga”. This edition contains the Sanskrit text, transliteration and English translatio...

Sanskrit text, Unicode transliteration, Word-for-word and English translation of verse 5:

तत्र नाथचरणा रविन्दयोः कुङ्कुमासवपरीमरन्दयोः ।
द्वन्द्वमिन्दुमकरन्दशीतलं मानसं स्मरति मङ्गलास्पदं ॥ ५ ॥

tatra nāthacaraṇā ravindayoḥ kuṅkumāsavaparīmarandayoḥ |
dvandvamindumakarandaśītalaṃ mānasaṃ smarati maṅgalāspadaṃ || 5 ||

The mind there contemplates the two Lotuses which are the Feet of the Guru, and of which the ruby-coloured nectar is the honey. These two Feet are cool like the nectar of the Moon, and are the place of all auspiciousness.

Commentary by Śrī-Kālīcaraṇa:

Having described the place where the two Lotus Feet of the Guru should be meditated upon, he now speaks of the (Sādhaka’s) union therewith by meditation (Dhyāna) on them, in this and the following verse.

There” (Tatra)—i.e., in the triangle on the Maṇi-pīṭha. The meaning of this verse, in short, is: “The mind there, within the triangle on the Maṇi-pīṭha, contemplates upon the Lotus Feet of the Guru.”

Of which the ruby-coloured nectar is the honey” (Kuṅkumāsava-parīmarandayoḥ).—This qualifies “the lotuses”. Kuṅkuma means red, the colour of lac. The excellent nectar which is of the colour of lac is the honey of the Lotus Feet of the Guru. Some read “Jharī” for “Parī”; the meaning would then be: “from which flows like honey the rubycoloured nectar.”

Cool like the nectar of the Moon” (Indu-makaranda-śītala [śītalaṃ])—i.e., they are cool as the nectar-like beams of the Moon. As the beams of the Moon counteract heat, so does devotion to the Feet of the Guru overcome sorrow and suffering.

Place of all auspiciousness” (Maṅgalāspada [Maṅgalāspadam]).—It is the place where one gets all one desires. The sense is that by devout concentration on the feet of the Guru all success is attained.

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