Manusmriti with the Commentary of Medhatithi

by Ganganatha Jha | 1920 | 1,381,940 words | ISBN-10: 8120811550

This is the English translation of the Manusmriti, which is a collection of Sanskrit verses dealing with ‘Dharma’, a collective name for human purpose, their duties and the law. Various topics will be dealt with, but this volume of the series includes 12 discourses (adhyaya). The commentary on this text by Medhatithi elaborately explains various t...

Sanskrit text, Unicode transliteration and English translation by Ganganath Jha:

पानमक्षाः स्त्रियश्चैव मृगया च यथाक्रमम् ।
एतत् कष्टतमं विद्यात्चतुष्कं कामजे गणे ॥ ५० ॥

pānamakṣāḥ striyaścaiva mṛgayā ca yathākramam |
etat kaṣṭatamaṃ vidyātcatuṣkaṃ kāmaje gaṇe || 50 ||

In the set arising from love of pleasure,—drinking, dice, women and hunting are to be regarded as the four most pernicious, in the order in which they are named.—(50)


Medhātithi’s commentary (manubhāṣya):

It is well known that these four are more harmful than ‘sleeping during the day’ and other vices.—(50)


Explanatory notes by Ganganath Jha

This verse is quoted in Parāśaramādhava (Ācāra, p. 413); in Mitākṣarā (on 1. 308);—in Vīramitrodaya (Rājanīti, p. 148);—and in Vīramitrodaya (Lakṣaṇa, p. 198).


Comparative notes by various authors

(verses 7.45-53)

See Comparative notes for Verse 7.45.

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