Manusmriti with the Commentary of Medhatithi

by Ganganatha Jha | 1920 | 1,381,940 words | ISBN-10: 8120811550 | ISBN-13: 9788120811553

This is the English translation of the Manusmriti, which is a collection of Sanskrit verses dealing with ‘Dharma’, a collective name for human purpose, their duties and the law. Various topics will be dealt with, but this volume of the series includes 12 discourses (adhyaya). The commentary on this text by Medhatithi elaborately explains various t...

Sanskrit text, Unicode transliteration and English translation by Ganganath Jha:

चिरस्थितमपि त्वाद्यमस्नेहाक्तं द्विजातिभिः ।
यवगोधूमजं सर्वं पयसश्चैव विक्रिया ॥ २५ ॥

cirasthitamapi tvādyamasnehāktaṃ dvijātibhiḥ |
yavagodhūmajaṃ sarvaṃ payasaścaiva vikriyā || 25 ||

All that is made of barley and wheat, as also all preparations of milk, may be eaten by twice-born men, without being mixed with oils, even though they may have been kept long—(25).


Medhātithi’s commentary (manubhāṣya):

Kept long’—i.e., kept for two nights.

The term ‘even though’ implies that those ‘mixed with oils’ are also meant to be included.

Even though unmixed with oils, such things as fried flour and cakes, etc. as are made of barley and wheat.

Also ‘preparations of milk.’—such as curd, skimmed milk and the like.—(25).


Explanatory notes by Ganganath Jha

This verse is quoted in Smṛtitattva (p. 452);—in Vīramitrodaya (Āhnika, p. 523);—in Hemādri (Śrāddha, p. 616);—and in Prāyaścittaviveka (p. 291).


Comparative notes by various authors

(verses 5.24-25)

See Comparative notes for Verse 5.24.

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