Mandukya Upanishad (Gaudapa Karika and Shankara Bhashya)

by Swami Nikhilananda | 1949 | 115,582 words | ISBN-13: 9788175050228

This is verse 4.35 of the Mandukya Karika English translation, including commentaries by Gaudapada (Karika), Shankara (Bhashya) and a glossary by Anandagiri (Tika). Alternate transliteration: Māṇḍūkya-upaniṣad 4.35, Gauḍapāda Kārikā, Śaṅkara Bhāṣya, Ānandagiri Ṭīkā.

Sanskrit text, IAST transliteration and English translation

मित्राद्यैः सह संमन्त्र्य संबुद्धौ न प्रपद्यते ।
गृहीतं चापि यत्किंचित् प्रतिबुद्धो न पश्यति ॥ ३५ ॥

mitrādyaiḥ saha saṃmantrya saṃbuddhau na prapadyate |
gṛhītaṃ cāpi yatkiṃcit pratibuddho na paśyati || 35 ||

35. The dreamer on being awake, realises as illusory all the conversation he had had with friends, etc., during the dream state. Further, he does not possess, in the waking state, anything which he had acquired in dream.

Shankara Bhashya (commentary)

A man, in dream, holds conversation with his friends, etc. But, on being awake, he finds it all as unreal. Further, he possesses in dream gold, etc., but, in the awakened state he realises all these possessions to be unreal. Though he goes to other countries in dream, he does not, in reality, make any such journey.

Anandagiri Tika (glossary)

The conversations, etc., held in dream, become unreal in the waking state. Similarly, Scriptural discussions, etc., with the sages held in the waking state, are known to be illusory when one attains the Ultimate Reality. For, all beings are ever free. There is no bondage or ignorance, really speaking, which requires to be removed by religious practices. The wise man knows the study of the Scriptures, etc., undertaken for the attainment of knowledge, as illusory, as dream experiences: for, Ātman is ever free, pure and illumined. Even eating, drinking, etc., which a knower of Truth performs, are dissociated from all ideas of subject-object relationship. Even while talking, doing, etc., he is conscious of the non-dual Brahman alone. The aim of the Scriptural study, religious practices, etc., is to de-hypnotise us from the hypnotic idea that we are not Brahman.

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