Later Chola Temples

by S. R. Balasubrahmanyam | 1979 | 143,852 words

This volume of Chola Temples covers Kulottunga I to Rajendra III in the timeframe A.D. 1070-1280. The Cholas of Southern India left a remarkable stamp in the history of Indian architecture and sculpture. Besides that, the Chola dynasty was a successful ruling dynasty even conquering overseas regions....

Kallaperumbur lies on the main road from Tanjavur town to Budalur in the district of Tanjavur. In this place there is a temple dedicated to Kailasanathar.

Kailasanathar temple (Kulottungasola Isvaram)

There are five inscriptions on the walls of this temple and a sixth on the gopuram. According to these inscriptions, this place was called Rajasundari-chaturvedi-mangalam. The present temple of Kailasanathar is called in an inscription of the 49th year of Kulottunga I as that of Srikailasam alias Kulottungasolisvaram Udaiya Mahadevar (SII, XVII, 627 and 628; ARE 581 and 582 of 1904). So this temple should have been built some time before the 49th regnal year of Kulottunga I (a.d. 1118-19). There are two inscriptions recorded in the 23rd and 25th regnal years of Kulottunga III, relating to certain gifts (ARE 585 and 584 of 1904). An inscription of the 12th regnal year of Rajaraja III mentions the dismissal of the accountant of the temple for misappropriation of temple funds. The latest Chola inscription is one of the 12th regnal year of Rajendra III (a.d. 1257-8).