Lalitopakhyana (Lalita Mahatmya)

by G.V. Tagare | 1958 | 103,924 words | ISBN-10: 8120838246 | ISBN-13: 9788120838246

This page describes the chariot of mantrininatha (geyacakra or giticakra) of the Lalitopakhyana (or Lalita-Mahatmya), an important scripture within Shaktism embedded as the final part in the Brahmanda-Purana. It is presented in the form of a dialogue between sage Agastya and Hayagriva, which is incarnation of Vishnu and also includes the Lalita Sahasranama.

The chariot of Mantriṇīnāthā (Geyacakra or Gīticakra)

[Note: this page is extracted from a footnote at chapter 19]

The following is the outline of the Geya Cakra or Gīti-Cakra (chariot of Mantriṇīnāthā)

Geya (gīti) Cakra

I. (i) Mantriṇī (ii) Saṅgīta-Yoginī The administrative head and second to Lalitā only
[vide VV. 61-63]

II. Rati, Prīti and Manojā (3 deities)
[vide VV. 63-64]

III. 5 deities of arrows of Kāma e.g. Drāviṇī, Śosīṇī
5 kāmadevas below these deities e.g. Kāmarāja, Kandarpa
[vide VV. 65-69a]

IV. 8 Śaktis or Mātṛ devatās (mentioned in VV 7-8 above)
8 virgin deities like Lakṣmī, Sarasvatī, Rati etc.
[vide VV 69b-72a]

V. 16 deities like Vāmā, Jyeṣṭhā etc well-armed well-armoured ready step to fight
[vide VV. 72b 76]

VI. 8 Bhairavas such as Asitāṅga, Ruru etc.
[vide VV. 77-79a]

VII. 5 deities like Mātaṅgī, Siddhalakṣmī
3 Gaṇapas or Kṣetrapālas like Kṣetrapa
2 goddesses Lakṣmī, Sarasvatī 2 Treasures—Śaṅkha, Padma
10 Śaktis of the dikpālas (guardians of quarters)

Footnotes and references:


N.xii.77 reads correctly: Mahā-samara-sannāha.


Procedure of appeals etc. to Lalitā and the functions of Mantriṇī.

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