Lakshminarayana Samhita [sanskrit]

by Shwetayan Vyas | 1,169,834 words | ISBN-10: 8170801818 | ISBN-13: 9788170801818

This page relates ‘Khanda 3 (dvaparayuga-santana)’ of the Lakshminarayana Samhita (Sanskrit text), including grammatical analysis, glossary and relevant print editions. The Lakshmi-narayana-samhita is an encyclopaedic work devoted to Narayana although it deals with various deities. The work is written in Puranic style and divided into four books according to the four Yugas. In total, the work consists of roughly 120,000 metrical verses.

Khaṇḍa 3 (dvāparayuga-santāna)

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