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Verse 1.1.2

तँ ह कुमारँ सन्तं दक्षिणासु नीयमानासु श्रद्धाऽऽविवेश सोऽमन्यत ॥ २ ॥

tam̐ ha kumāram̐ santaṃ dakṣiṇāsu nīyamānāsu śraddhā''viveśa so'manyata || 2 ||

2. Him, though young, zeal possessed when rewards were being distributed; he thought.


Shankara’s Commentary:

Com.—Him, i.e., Nachikôtas, though in the prime of life, i.e., young and not possessed of the power of procreating zeal, i.e., faith in the existence of a future state, entered, induced by the desire of good to his father. At what time is explained; when cows were brought to be distributed among the Ritviks and the sadasyas for their rewards; possessed of zeal, Nachikêtas thus thought.

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