Jnaneshwari (Bhavartha Dipika)

by Ramchandra Keshav Bhagwat | 1954 | 284,137 words | ISBN-10: 8185208123 | ISBN-13: 9788185208121

This is verse 9.23 of the Jnaneshwari (Bhavartha-Dipika), the English translation of 13th-century Marathi commentary on the Bhagavad-Gita.—The Dnyaneshwari (Jnaneshwari) brings to light the deeper meaning of the Gita which represents the essence of the Vedic Religion. This is verse 23 of the chapter called Raja-vidya and Raja-guhya Yoga.

Verse 9.23:Those devotees likewise who, endowed with faith, offer worship unto other Divinities: they, O Son of Kunti, offer service, (albeit) not in the prescribed mode, unto none but myself. (344)

Commentary called Jnaneshwari by Jnaneshwar:

There are also other paths; but they fall short of realising My allpervading being. They perform sacrifices to Fire, Indra, the Sun and the Moon. Those sacrifices (ultimately) come unto Me, since I am myself the entire universe. Yet this way of worship is not a straight path, but uneven. Branches and leaves spring from one and the same tree; yet water is to be sucked in by the roots, and hence it is only proper to water the roots; or there are the ten organs of one and the same body, and everything taken in by them goes to one and the same root of life; yet would it do were one to stuff rich food in the ears, or flowers tied over the eyes? Nay the food must be relished in the mouth and fragrance by the nose. In that way one must worship Me in My being true and entire. Otherwise any worship done, not knowing My true self, is a vain fruitless effort, and so there must be for every action, the vision of knowledge and that vision must also be clear and unblurred.

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