Jarasandhavadha Mahakavyam

by Pankaj L. Jani | 2010 | 82,365 words

The English translation of the Jarasandhavadha Mahakavyam: a Sanskrit epic poem written by Goswami Hariraiji. The story revolves around the story of Krishna’s vanquishing of the Magadha King, Jarasandha. The soul message of this epic Jarasandhavadha is “where there is righteousness there is victory”. The sources for this story include the Mahabhar...

Canto 3 - Lamentation of Gopikas

1. The ladies of Indraprasth, separated from their dear One, could not suffer the pangs of separation anymore and took their chariots and arrived at the gate of the city and waited for their Lord to arrive there so that they could receive Him at the gate itself. [1]

2. They were restless like the deserted wives and felt that they were separated from their husbands for ages together. It appeared to them that they were away from their lovers for a long time-it looked as if entire city was on the move.

3. Krishna, the only support of love of human beings became the only receptacle of their love in which they were emotionally burnt. They became weak, their bust was heavy, though. They were emaciated physically due to many kinds of vows they kept.

4. He is the closest relative of the entire Universe and the husband of the entire creation. It is because of the unseen luck that the Brahmins and the love of those who drew Him here was known to none. Nobody knows the beginning and end of the Lord since He is not bound by them. He has neither a beginning nor an end.

5. The abode of scintillating beauty and attraction thus hunted the harts like hearts of the residents of Braj and they as though hurt were unable to recover from the pangs of separation, they were not at all appeased!

6. Those ladies who had been burning in the fire of separation considered Lord Krishna as their only husband.They were unable to control themselves from thinking that He was not their Lord anymore since the more they controlled their feelings the more they were burnt with the feelings and burnt in separation.[2]

7. The ladies of the city were bound to the Lord Krishna whom they considered as their only husband in their primordial love. They became one with Him in their heart of hearts and their hearts were filled with love without showing to the outside world like the waters of rivers merge with the water of the ocean imperceptibly they became one with Him, (this is the yog!).

8. At the very moment, the ladies were overpowered by their love and they were engrossed in it since they were besieged by it in their heart of hearts. They were not bothered by the world outside since their Lord is within their hearts! [3]

9. The bodies of the ladies were emaciated, their faces waned, their foreheads looked cheerful no doubt but it was only forced. Their faces looked like mirrors to their inner worries and became blurred due to the moisture caused by their sighs taken in as their inability to see their beloved Lord.[4]

10. A certain maid tied up the balls of her breasts very tight in order to accentuate their height. In the union of her disunion she was taking deep breath and unable to breath properly, she loosened her blouse. [5]

11. A certain maid, after taking bath wore the clothes of another maiden who was too much absent minded ever since they heard the news of their lover’s leaving his place.

12. Yet another maiden, today. who was as delicate as newly bloomed lotus flower, showed clearly that she suffered the pangs of separation in every part of her body and experienced every way that Cupid had attacked her.[6]

13. The ladies had been bearing their lives with great difficulty after the departure of their Lord. They went on sighing and uttering the words of uneasiness and wearing sadness on the visage on their comely lotus like faces.

14. It had been unforeseen nor experienced before, in the love of Murari, dearer than their own lives and breath, some ladies had renewed a fresh and delicate image of their Lord as intimate as possible in the palace of their heart.

15. Some women, separated from their Lord, could see him in their imagination when the sky was thickly clouded dark, remembered Krishna in the heart of their hearts with utmost love. They could tolerate neither thunders nor waterfalls since they reminded them of dark complexioned Krishna.[7]

16. Whenever there was thundering, some of the ladies separated from the Lord, remembered their beloved and looked at the clouds as though they were anxious to stop the rain and see their beloved in the clouds.

17. In their pangs of separation for Hari they broke their hearts (their hearts were broken in the separation of Hari) and stole their targets and wore them in heavy breasts of theirs.

18. Some of the doe eyed ladies were reminded of Krishna when they witnessed dark clouds in the sky and their own pitch dark hair. They decorated their long hair with flowers as though they were presenting them to their beloved Lord located in their own hearts.

19. Some others, looking at the long and thick hair, showed irritation since they were reminded of their lover Krishna and the similarity of his complexion with their hair, started taunting and became irritable that they were not with their Lord in flesh and blood.[8]

20. Some one looked in the reflection of the crescent moon and applied 'bindi' on her forehead. Unmarried, though, considered the Lord of all the three worlds as her lord. This curve bodied lady imagined herself as newly wedded bride of her imaginary husband, the Husband of the entire Universe!

21. Some of them, in the pretext of doing make up covered their forehead, on which God had written 'Separation', with hair and posed like innocent girls!

22. Certain doe eyed lady with the brightness of her eye brows could falsify the desire of meeting her lover at the outset of her startup separation, but the arrow from the bodiless God of Love, the heart could swing with love, however irritating it might be for them to bow to the love in separation!

23. A certain lady, ardent to remember her beloved Lord’s bow and arrow, wore them with utmost love, and painted her butterflies like eyes and brows in black since she had been drawn, of late to the black colour-the complexion of her Lord!

24. Another would try in vain to pretend as though she were drowned in the ocean of enjoyment of the seamless beauty of Murari, the enemy of the demon Mura and she pretended to have been engrossed in casting her half closed eyes at her lover resting on her heart.[9]

25. One conjured up the imaginary figure of the perfect figure of Lord Krishna and enjoyed the taste of watching the beauty just by constantly looking at it in mere imagination itself!

26. One who had attractive eyelashes to her doe eyes, looked as though she tied up the butterfly called Krishna, to her own figure and arrested His inspiring and blue moonlike dark image in her lotus petal like eyes, and retained there itself in secrecy without revealing to anyone.

27. One, tells the story of Nanda, as pleasant as the moonlight, in the remembrance of her lover and another smiled pleasantly like the moonlight and yet another lady wore a nosegay looking like the pleasant waterfall.

28. One could think when there was honey from the garland of Vishnu why to crave for freshly bloomed flowers? And yet another might think when there were rivers why the small pools? When fragrance could be inhaled by your own nostrils why to worry? [10]

29. Some maid pretended that her long and pitch black hair that touched her soft lotus like cheeks, was kissed and she prevented the act with her fingers and protected herself from the absolute advances taken by her naughty Lover.

30. Despite living in the city, some of these ladies could not listen to the words of their friends or ladies in attendance whenever they tried to get them into pleasant talk. They simply kept quiet since they never wanted to hear anything else except about their beloved Krishna or at least about the bee which represented Him!

31. One among them who failed to control her deep breath taken in her disappointment of not meeting her Lover and had her heart burnt in disappointment, was engaged in trying her best to extinguish the fire called erotic desire.

32. One lady, disappointed in love, was burnt in the fire called erotic desire which was extinguished by the sweat that she shed in her sighs of disappointment that she heaved time and again. Her face wore redness since it was burnt in the fire of separation but contrarily it added beauty to her face and appeared as though it was her primordial complexion!

33. As her body is being burnt in the fire of intense physical desire, her lips wore the slight redness of youth and even the cheeks borrowed that redness as though forcibly, from His lips and preserved it there.

34. One even earned the enjoyment of Murari’s lips which had that redness transferred to herself since she alone knew how to enjoy it and how to get enjoyed, she had the desire to drink the ambrosia but succeeded finally in not doing so! [11]

35. One drew an enlarged design of un-bloomed lotus bud on her palm. She enjoyed the pleasure of watching the picture of Krishna and lost in imagination with her chin in her palm that He was with herself!!

36. What must be the intention of the one who lacked her analyzing capacity, in the imitation of Krishna’s shoulders which were capable of blowing the Panchajanya, the conch that He held at the time of war, and embraced the most loved one of her heart, in her heart of hearts and in her imagination!

37. The pangs of separation made the lady bear it like poison. As a delicate lady, she with her delicate arms, made the robust shoulders of Krishna tremulous in emotion!

38. Yet another one pretended trying to take her Lord into her close embrace and sleep. And she performed an act of being in the embrace of Krishna and spent every given moment in remembering the Lord.

39. One lady offered bouquet of flowers to the Lord with utmost respect and devotion and waited for His arrival there quite anxiously.

40. One took artificial lotus made by herself, into her hands pretending that the lotus was given by the Lord and offered the same at His feet with utmost love and devotion.

41. A certain woman wailed that some bad person troubled her beloved Lord. She asked why should others protect her Lord Krishna, who was there in the chariot called her heart, and there were two impassable mountain like breasts of hers to protect Him from any onslaught. Why should there be any doubt about His security?

42. The lady complained of pain in her breasts that somebody took them to be two hard balls and played with them. It caused acute pain and that was the reason why the lady with fitting body bound them both very tight behind her blouse.

43. One lady painted her eye brows with Kasturi and other ancient beauty aids and the fingers with pink colour. She also painted her upper garment tastefully but left her breasts uncovered, on some pretext, for the sake of her beloved.

44. One with gold complexion was highly pleased. Krishna, the brother of Gada, was pleased with the edges of thousands of clubs (gadas), as much as with millions of tips of breasts which were brightened.

45. One had her navel balance by Sudarshan, the one who could balance the Wheel of Sudarshan on His finger measure the depth of her navel which was located between her waist and belly very well but not so much pleased with the former.[12]

46. The lady, who had been separated from her Lord, had her concentration only on her Lord, had become very serious, not flippant since her mind was concentrated on the Lord of yog (union). But the delicate lady with thin waist and deep navel hid her love in them and in her heart.

47. One doe eyed lady suffered every moment in separation as the image of Lord Krishna haunted her and every moment she spent she suffered torture. She retained the beauty of her buttocks for the sake of her Lord whom she imitated whose image prospered safe in her heart.

48. One of the separated Gopikas had established the Lord of her heart, Krishna in her own heart with utmost thirst to have him for her sake alone. Why couldn’t she, who had very high and heavy posterior, couldn’t improve herself?

49. A certain lady had the influence of Cupid on her body, another one had The Lord of Lakshmi (Krishna) diverted towards her after great trial. And yet another anticipated his acceptance but kept that love as a secret since she was apprehensive of his reciprocation.

50. Yet another woman had drawn the necklace absentminded that her lover was crushing her but not her necklace at all. She mistook the heaviness of her back (hips) imagined that her beloved was engaged in erotic activity in secrecy.

51. One of them drew beautiful designs on her delicate and beautiful palms and painted her nails with indigenous red colour resembling early morning red colour. One blamed her beloved’s departing to a distant land, another blamed herself for not being able to prevent Him from going away from her and blamed Him for not being with her.

52. One considered herself responsible for the Lord of Love being her own, i.e being the embodiment of Love in the real sense of the word. She had none to be believed other than Hari who was her absolute Protector!

53. One played with the peacock feather in the crown made in pure gold and studded with diamonds and gems which belonged to Murari which was splendid in shining, was borne in her heart in the absence of her Lord.

54. One purandhri, the lady who saw that her cheeks were kissed by her own hair that remained after tying it up in a plait and yet another, while getting engaged in memorizing the stories of her husband she was also engaged in fictitious erotic actions.

55. One delicate bodied lady saw that her lover Krishna was engaged in the circled rounds like a butterfly around her. She could not be appeased despite her being worshipped by her own husband. As she couldn’t be satisfied, her mind was not at all bloomed. [13]

56. One of them was extremely excited in her pangs of separation in the very heart of her hearts since her heart was deeply struck by the love that was deep and sharp, and hence her pain was much greater than anybody else’s.

57. One is anxious to drink the ambrosia from the lips of her loved one. One spent sleepless night despite her having sound sleep after being in erotic activities in the night, in the memory of her loved one.

58. One pretends to have been embraced closes her shoulders tight as if her beloved was in her embrace even when she was in the embrace of her real husband; she considered him as Achyuta, one who has no death (krishna). One became one with her Lord just as ordinary streams get merged with the big river.

59. One pretended to have taken both the cheeks of one who never has destruction Achyuta whose face looked as attractive and fresh as the full moon which enticed one girl who didn’t even mind to kiss and embrace Him in imagination, the results of which were faced by her husband.[14]

60. The nights were spent sleepless by the one, for whom nights became indifferent to her since she spent them in remembering her beloved. One had her loved one, who had comprehensive beauty with sharp nose, made himself very attractive and desirable but worthy of keeping in the heart of hearts.

61. Both the ears of Krishna were decorated with hangings made in gold and studded with precious stones like rubies and diamonds. In Krishna’s presence they didn’t serve their husbands at all since they were attracted to Lord Krishna’s charm.

62. One was extremely drawn to Lord Krishna, and was roused by God of Love himself and had the figure capable of rousing the feelings of love in the hearts. Love was roused by the lovely face of Lord Krishna and fell flat for Him.

63. The lady who was fascinated by the garland of Vaijayanthi of Shri Krishna wanted to have it in her delicate neck, and so made wreath of lotuses to be presented to her beloved and got it ready for him.

64. The heaviness and the height of her dual breasts had been borne by Shri Krishna whose shoulders had, not only the capacity of bearing the burden of the most extreme type but also the capacity of removing it, too.[15]

65. One Gopika expressed her wish that her Lord alone could reduce her fever caused by the separation from Him, just by stroking hand on her head with love. One of them was even engrossed in her love for her Lord expecting His arrival every moment.[16]

66. One suffering from the pangs of separation said that her lover was lying in her own heart for certain and yet another was satisfied in saying that her Lord was lying in her heart and she even debated as to why should she have to wait for Him when He was in her own heart, was it for His waking up, she wondered.[17]

67. One who was anxious to view Him while she was in her bed, imagined her Lord to have been on the duo of her firm breasts and had her head for some time on his firm and broad chest!

68. One tried to view Hari controlling the intoxicant deer and another one showed off the beauty of her well shaped hips which could be seen behind the curtains slightly moving. And another tried to express her anxiety in showing that her mind was disturbed by the bees which meant that she was disturbed by the thoughts of her Lord and felt sorry to realize that just by remembering she couldn’t have him by her side in reality.

69. One lady became blessed by surrendering herself in her bubbling youth and considered herself to have fulfilled many a good deed in her love for her Lord. And yet another lady considered herself very fortunate to have obtained the opportunity of getting the duo of His lotus feet. She consoled herself for having got thus a chance of appeasing her desire.

70. One was desirous of quenching her thirst for viewing her Lord and held His feet tight. One even tried to show the difference between herself and the moon that wanes day by day only to come back in due course, whereas she had no hope of coming back to her normal shape since she had no hope of her Lord’s return to her.

71. One, who remembered Murari day and night, was choked with emotion on viewing the beauty of the Lord in the day time and was thoroughly disappointed in the night times since she was acutely troubled by her desire of having Physical union with her Lord. When that couldn’t happen she became physically very weak in disappointment.

72. One always had only Krishna in the heart of her hearts and visualized Him enjoying her in the spiritual way. One’s hand was accepted in marriage but never lived with her physically and satisfied her desire of physical union.[18]

73. One who was physically weak became restless and forcibly fulfilled the duties of a wife but her entire being was for Krishna, even when she went to bed with her husband of this world, she couldn’t tolerate any participation in the physical enjoyment, if at all she had done, it was quite mechanical.

74. One even had gone to the extent of saying to her husband, who was desirous of having physical contact with her, that she was quite unwilling to lead worldly life with him.[19]

75. “My beloved is my Lord Hari but nobody else; He had bound me with the strong rope called’Love’, nobody else can become my husband. I am controlled only by Him and nobody else can have a control over me.”[20]

76. One urged on Murari in her sleep as to how could he ever have the mark of ‘kumkum’ on Him, and she even pretended to strike Him, that too with a delicate ball of flowers! Thus she didn’t hesitate even to disturb the sleep of her husband in real life![21]

77. One observed that the love of her beloved should not make anybody jealous since she used to suffer the pangs of separation, sometimes in memory of her beloved, and sometimes she was indulged in mock quarrel with Him.

78. One considered herself as the one deserted by her husband and became restless and expressed her helplessness by spreading her arms wailing and whimpering “Oh husband mine why have you left me alone” and embraced the bow of Krishna, at the end as for moral support!

79. Having heard that her beloved was arriving, one went into dreaming of love making with him!! There was no use of her awaiting his arrival since she knew for certain that He would never arrive, so she became restless in her separation and realized the fruitlessness of her waiting and wailing.

80. “Why should the Lord of my life aim at the beautiful sight of other charming ladies?” wailed one of the affected ladies, in anger, and yet another’s voice was choked with grief for Shri Krishna.

81. One waited in full decoration of herself with suitable jewelry, at the door expecting her husband, Krishna to arrive and enter into copulation.[22]

82. One was very desirous of having Lord Shyam for herself since he was hit deep by the arrow of Cupid and felt in the heart of his heart that there was some inner plot in this.

83. The one available through love despite it’s being desirable. It was available only through true love which was to be acquired which was to be obtained through following love as per wish as the lady with moonlike face wished for the rise of the moon again, both had to coincide.

84. The burning of the heart of the lady had increased since she would wish in the heart of her hearts. The ladies who were already lean in body had emaciated more now with burning desire, doubled in them to have their Lord with them.

85. The perfectly innocent as they were always in expectation of their beloved were observed by the wicked bee who couldn’t remember anything-blind to recollect anything had been pestering us quite unnecessarily and we should be protected from him.

86. This was how a newly wedded lady reposed her faith and confidence only in Lord Krishna to her husband who tried to capture her with force and became exceptionally negligent of her newly married husband.

87. One expressed her feelings that the very touch of Krishna would energize and nourish her every moment since it was He who was capable of protecting her on his broad chest.[23]


88. The dark hair of the lady was disheveled due to her engagement in enjoyment of the dearest and she got tired. She made her hair with beautiful flowers and reset her de-shaped 'bindi' on her forehead.

89. Another lady in her own eyes achieved its blackness from her Lord, and in return, the redness of her lips was imprinted on his lips! The imprints caused by constant kissing made her cheeks red, too which wore the shade of the foliage adding charm to her already charming face. The juice acquired by chewing of the betel leaves was swallowed by her Lord which resulted in the transfer of redness to His lips.

90. The lips of the Lord acquired redness from Gopi’s constant chewing of the betel leaves and her tender leaf-like delicate cheeks acquired rosiness by His constant kissing of those cheeks, which was obliged by Him.[24]

91. The high and heavy breasts of the lady were attacked fiercely with the blows from her flower balls and the fierceness could only be controlled with great difficulty since He looked the very ocean of Desire!

92. The nipples on her breast duo stood on their ends because just by touching them the love of the humans touches the zenith. It was going to be written soon very interestingly by the lady on papers, that is, she is going to draw pictures in an interesting manner!

93. One of the Gopikas said that it was a different kind of enjoyment of love -he forcibly opened my blouse from its tight hold of my bodice and the round belt of the blouse that held my breasts tight and secure, was forcibly removed in the utmost lasciviousness.

94. One of the Gopikas confided,”Before entering into love, they previewed many a picture and became fascinated even the verbal expression of erotic words was very powerful. My waist became very thin due to very high and heavy buttocks which were touched slowly and surreptitiously!"

95. One of the Gopikas revealed, “How I was caught up in reciprocating the act when He held my hand in encouragement and made me enter into it! How shy was I when he played with me by taking my clothes off and teased me to death without giving them to me for a long time, finally yielded, though!"

96. One of the ladies said that her Lover, Krishna took her clothes away for play as soon as He arrived there and imitated her bright and charming face that was like the moon on the full moon day in the winter. He even stopped the music which was considered the food of love he covered her shapely buttocks with silk cloth.

97. One Gopika narrated,”He made me spellbound as if he used some magic spell on me and yielded to his erotic actions of different varieties. He stole even the red colour of my lipstick entirely from my lips and behaved as though he didn't know anything, and had done nothing.

98. One Gopika expressed her delicateness at a very intimate action of her Lord,”It was a shame indeed! He made me feel ashamed by making my well shaped buttocks exposed to the surreptitious looks of those who were interested in such scenes. The dark eyed one had mischievous smile on His face when He exchanged looks with others quite meaningfully.[25]

99. One Gopika told another that one had to be satisfied with what one had. Why should the mind not satisfied with what she got? Emotional exuberance should be shunned. But after the physical enjoyment one had to be satisfied whole heartedly. One should not imitate others she told herself!

100. One Gopika talking thus of all probabilities out of her intense love for her Lord became helpless, because of which one time she laughed, sometimes she cried and yet another remembered His actions of love and became excited due to excessive love for Him!

101. One lady suffered from high fever of her heart and mind and became very thin by losing weight due to her separation from her Lord Krishna. Another became mad due to Cupid’s attack on her, and yet another swooned due to the exhaustion of enjoying physical pleasure!

102. One who was the very embodiment of comprehensive beauty, and who was considered very impossible to be attained even at the cost of all the three worlds, is the Almighty Himself.[26]

103. Lord Krishna knew that it was in His separation that all the Gopikas, beautiful limbed ones, were attacked or reduced to the present level by (the Bodiless One) Cupid.[27].

104. Having been attracted to their Metaphysical Love, the Lord appeared before them in all His actions (leelas), and embraced them all and allowed them all to drink the ambrosia of His lips which made them shed the tears of joy which they tried their best to hide![28]

105. The ambrosia from the lips of Hari was allowed to be drunk by the beautiful bodied-Gopikas, who had the privilege of embracing the God of Love (ananga-bodiless) which bestowed the support of the Lord on them, which made them motionless since they never thought that they would be granted Love by their Lord![29]

Footnotes and references:


The intensity of their love for their Lord is described here in exaggerated terms-ati Shayokti alnkara is used.


The acuteness of their separation was such!


The theory of One in many Is implicit in this stanza.


The similes used here are very realistic and reveal very close observation of the ladies in love and in their inability to reach their lover!


The description of the restlessness of the maiden girl is described in a very realistic manner.


The first experience of love bug on a maid is described in a realistic manner.


There is pun on words like ‘dharadharah’ and ‘stanita’.


Vipralambha shringara-taunting type of love is described in this sloka.


Romantic lovers as they are Gopikas -the ladies are helplessly and hopefully in love, go into imagination which might sound quite irrational in real life, but quite real in dream world!


This 'shloka' is meant for those who are sceptic. But even they can reach the Reality by doubting what exists and reach the Truth -It is by breaking the nut open one can reach the kernel.


The Alankar virodhabhas has been used here to express the struggle in the mind of Gopika in yielding to her physical desire.


The verses use the Alankara called Atisayokti or hyperbole) to describe the heavenly beauty of the Gopikas that attracted Krishna, the Lord of the Three worlds!


It was destined that Gopikas were attached to the Almighty Krishna despite their being married and were leading a life in the real world. They considered Krishna as their real husband and missed him a lot. The Gopikas are the beloveds of Gopala (Krishna) in the spiritual sense of the term, whereas they have already been married to their husbands in the physical sense of the term. The spiritual sense of the marriage does not apply here. They were wedded to Krishna, in the spiritual sense, which entails their union-the union of individual self with the Universal Self, with each other. As this is not physical, only psychological, should not be taken in physical sense. It is the Union of individual Self with the Universal Self!


Whatever the Gopika did was meant for her Lord (spiritual husband) not to her physical husband who had to suffer the consequences for being just physical.


The women (gopikas) knew full well that their Lord would do much better with his four shoulders. They knew that their Lord was the only one who could shoulder the burden much better since He is endowed with fourfold capacity.


Infallible faith in the Almighty should be the real quality of a real devotee which is very much evident here in this verse.


When there is absolute faith in the Almighty that He needn’t be sought for anywhere else but in one’s own heart. One has to make worthy of viewing Him; one has to be awakened to the Reality.


The shloka tells us implicitly that either separation or union from or with the Lord is not physical but spiritual.


It is very natural for one who was interested only in spiritual life to dislike what is physical.


This would be the natural declaration of the one who is interested in living a spiritual life! The Gopika in this stanza declares categorically that she is interested only in the metaphysical life, not at all in the metaphysical.


The verse is a glowing example of the Gopikas who were separated from their Lord, lived in a dream world of romance, since they can be happy, only if they are away from the stark realities of life!


The restlessness of the individual soul (jeevatman) with Universal soul (paramatman) is described here in a realistic manner.


As an extra careful lady she explained to the censure of her husband.


The imprints caused by constant kissing made her cheeks red in the shade of the foliage!


Gopikas thought of only Krishna, (Oneness of God) and hence their dislike for others!


If everything, including one’s own self is submitted to Krishna, who Himself was the embodiment of enjoyment itself: (??????ः)


Though Lord Krishna was far away from them they could win Him to themselves with the strength of their astute Yog which is the communion of the individual self (soul) with the Universal Self (soul), which is otherwise known as jeevatma merging with Paramatma. The physical meaning, i.e. outward meaning should not be considered here, since It is metaphysical meaning that is important in the context of Bhakti yog -the union of individual soul with the Universal Soul through Bhakti.


The attainment of the unattainable communion with Paramatman, which is the wish of the Gopikas, is expressed here.


They lost their consciousness and went into 'Yognidra' -the sleep induced by the spiritual union with the Lord. This is considered the final stage of Yog which is the consummation of the Spiritual Love!

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