Harivamsha Purana

by Manmatha Nath Dutt | 1897 | 293,872 words | ISBN-10: 8178542188 | ISBN-13: 9788178542188

This page is entitled “arjuna goes to rescue the brahmana and becomes unsuccessful” and represents Chapter 113 of the second book (‘Vishnu Parva’) of the Harivamsa (English translation in Prose). The Harivamsha Purana narrates the lineage and life-story of Krishna (Hari). Although not officially mentioned in the list of Puranas, this book includes topics such as geology, creation theory, time (manvantaras), ancient historical legends and accounts of royal dynasties.

Chapter 113 - Arjuna Goes to Rescue the Brahmana and Becomes Unsuccessful

1. Arjuna said:—O foremost of the Bharata race, within a moment we reached the boundary of the village and encamped because all our animals were tired.

2. O descendant of Kuru, a few moments after encircled by the huge Vrishni army I entered into the city.

3. At that time all was ablaze and burning vultures and beasts frighted me.

4. Huge and black fire-brands fell down, the sun was shorn of its effulgence and the earth trembled.

5-6. Beholding those dreadful and hair-stirring evil omens, I, filled with anxiety, ordered my soldiers to get ready. Hearing it the great car warriors of the Vrishni and Andhaka families headed by Yuyudhana got ready their respective cars and I too put on my arms.

7-8. After the expiration of the mid-night that Brahmana, stricken with fear, approached us and said "My wife is on the point of giving birth to a child. Do you station yourselves so that I may not be cheated".

9. In a moment, O king, piteous cries were heard in the Brahmana’s house exclaiming "Stolen! Stolen!".

10. Afterwards we also heard the cries of the baby in the sky, but could not see the Rakshasa.

11. Afterwards we agitated all the quarters with a downpour of arrows, but the boy was however stolen away.

12-14. When that boy was stolen away that Brahmana crying addressed to us such harsh words that the Vrishnis lost themselves and I too lost my senses. He particularly said to me:—"You said that you would protect me, but could not do so. Therefore listen to these beneficial words, O wicked minded wretch.

15-17. You always vaunt with Keshava of incomparable intellect. Had Govinda been here this mischief would not have been created. O stupid man, as a saviour is entitled to the one-fourth share of the virtue, so he, who cannot protect one, is constrained to participate of the sin; you said that you would protect me but you have not been able to do so. In vain is your Gandiva, prowess and fame".

18-20. However I did not speak anything to the Brahmana, but went with the princes of the Vrishni and Andhaka families where the highly effulgent Krishna was. Afterwards going to city of Dvaravati I saw Govinda the slayer of Madhu and he too, saw me, filled with shame and sorrow. Beholding me ashamed Madhava consoled me and the Brahmana with sweet words. Thereupon he said to Daruka:—"Get ready my horses, Sugriva, Saivya, Meghapushpa, and Balahaka." Afterwards making the Brahmana ascend the car and sending down Daruka, Shura’s descendant Krishna asked me to act as the charioteer. O descendant of Kuru, afterwards, Krishna, the Brahmana and myself set out on that car towards the north.

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