The Gautami Mahatmya

by G. P. Bhatt | 1955 | 127,137 words

This is the English translation of the Gautami-Mahatmya, which forms the fourth part of the Brahma-purana. The Gautamimahatmya narrates the legends and merits of the various holy places (tirthas) situated around the bank of the Godavari river in 105 chapters. It can be seen as distinct work by itself, and was declared as a “highly meritorious puran...

Chapter 96 - Patatri-tīrtha

(description of Patatri-tirtha)

1. The holy centre Patatri-Tīrtha is reputed to be the destroyer of ailments and sins. A man shall derive contentment merely by listening to its name.

2. Kaśyapa had two sons Aruṇa and Garuḍa. In that family were born Sampāti and Jaṭāyu.

3-7. Aruṇa and Garuḍa were the sons of Tārkṣya Prajāpati. In his family was born the excellent bird Sampāti. His younger brother was well known as Jaṭāyu. They vied with each other because they were madly proud of their own strength. They went (far) into the sky to bow down to the sun. When they came near the sun the wings of those two excellent birds were burnt. Wearied they fell down on the top of a mountain. On seeing the two kinsmen fallen unconscious and motionless, Aruṇa was overwhelmed with sorrow and said to Sun-god—“Two birds born of our own family have fallen on the ground with their wings burned. O hot-rayed one, console them lest they should die.

Brahmā said:

8-9. Saying “So be it” the sun resuscitated those two birds. On hearing about their (miserable) plight Garuḍa came there along with Viṣṇy, consoled and cheered them up. O Nārada, then they all went to Gaṅgā for dispelling distress.

10-13. Jaṭāyu and Aruṇa, Sampāti and Garuḍa went there. Sūrya and Viṣṇu went there for their pleasure. That holy centre yields much merit. Patatri-Tīrtha is well reputed as the destroyer of poison. It yields all cherished desires. Viṣṇu and the Sun are seated there along with Garuḍa and Aruṇa on the banks of Gautamī. So also the bull-bannered lord. That holy centre is excellent because the three Devas (lords) are stationed there. One shall take bath, be pure and bow down to these gods. He shall be rid of mental anguish and physical ailments. He shall attain great happiness.

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