The Gautami Mahatmya

by G. P. Bhatt | 1955 | 127,137 words

This is the English translation of the Gautami-Mahatmya, which forms the fourth part of the Brahma-purana. The Gautamimahatmya narrates the legends and merits of the various holy places (tirthas) situated around the bank of the Godavari river in 105 chapters. It can be seen as distinct work by itself, and was declared as a “highly meritorious puran...

Chapter 50 - Dhānyatirtha

(description of dhanya-tirtha)

Brahmā said:

1. The holy centre known as Dhānyatīrtha is the bestower of all cherished desires. It yields prosperity and welfare. It dispels all adversities.

2. After getting Moon as their husband, the medicinal herbs became joyous. They spoke these words liked by Gaṅgā and the entire world.

Medicinal herbs said:

3-5. There is a sacred legend in the Vedas which those who are conversant with the Vedas know.

He who, in the vicinity of Gaṅgā, gifts away a land full of plants, the land that is on a par with his mother, nay which is his own mother, shall attain all cherished desires.

If a man gladly and devoutly gifts away to a person in the form of Viṣṇu, Brahmā or Īśa a land full of plants, cows and medicinal herbs he will attain all cherished desires. Whatever is gifted is to be known as one of everlasting benefit.

6-7. The medicinal herbs have the Moon as their king. The Moon is the lord of the medicinal herbs. He who after knowing this gifts away medicinal herbs to a person who knows Brahman attains all cherished desires. He is honoured in the world of Brahmā.

Those very same medicinal herbs who were delighted and who had Moon as their king said again and again:

The medicinal herbs said:

8. O king, you redeem him who gifts us on Gaṅgā. You are the excellent one, O lord of herbs. The mobile and immobile beings are dependent on you.

9. The medicinal herbs conversed with king Soma: “O king you redeem him who gifts us to brahmins.

10. We are in the form of Brahman, we are in the form of vital airs. O king, you redeem him who gifts us to brahmins.

11. O king, you redeem him who successfully performs holy rites and who gifts us away always to brahmins. It is an adoration unto us.

12. Whatever is there in the world, whether mobile or immobile, is pervaded by us. O king, you redeem him who gifts us away to the brahmins.

13. O king, you redeem him who gifts away Havya or Kavya which is nectarous and which is consumed or something which is weightier.

14. O king, you redeem him who devoutly hears, remembers or reads this episode from the Vedic text.”

Brahma said:

15. That place on the banks of Gaṅgā where this episode had been told by the medicinal herbs in the company of Soma, the shining one, is called Dhānyatīrtha.

16. Thenceforth that holy centre is called (by such names as) Auṣadhya, Saumya, Amṛta, Vedagāta and Mātṛtīrtha.

17. A holy plunge, Japa, Homa, charitable gifts, libation to the Manes and gifting of food performed there are capable of bestowing endless benefit.

18. On both banks there are altogether one thousand six hundred holy centres which dispel all sins and increase wealth.

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