Garga Samhita (English)

by Danavir Goswami | 425,489 words

The Garga-samhita Verse 6.3.10, English translation, including word-by-word: This text represents a Vaishnava scripture which narrates the life Krishna, It was composed in seventeen cantos by Garga Muni: an ancient sage and priest of the Yadu dynasty having. This is verse 6 of Chapter 3 (Lord Balarama’s Wedding) of Canto 6 (dvaraka-khanda).

Sanskrit text, transliteration and word-by-word meaning:

वेदा मुखं धर्म उरस् तथैव
पृष्ठं ह्य् अधर्मश् च मनुर् मनीषा
अङ्गानि देवा असुराश् च पादाः
सर्वा सृतिर् देव तनुस् तव स्यात्

vedā mukhaṃ dharma uras tathaiva
pṛṣṭhaṃ hy adharmaś ca manur manīṣā
aṅgāni devā asurāś ca pādāḥ
sarvā sṛtir deva tanus tava syāt

vedāḥthe Vedas; mukham—mouth; dharmareligion; uraḥ—chest; tatha—so; eva—indeed; pṛṣṭham—back; hy—indeed; adharmaś—irreligion; ca—and; manuḥManu; manīṣāintelligence; aṅgāni—limbs; devāthe demigods; asurāś—the demons; ca—and; pādāḥ—feet; sarvāall; sṛtiḥ—creation; devaO lord; tanuḥ—the body; tava—of you; syāt—is.

English translation of verse 6.3.10:

O lord, the Vedas are Your mouth, religion is your chest, irreligion is your back, Manu is your intelligence, the demigods are your limbs, the demons are your feet, and this entire creation is your body.

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