Garga Samhita (English)

by Danavir Goswami | 425,489 words

The Garga-samhita Verse 5.17.31, English translation, including word-by-word: This text represents a Vaishnava scripture which narrates the life Krishna, It was composed in seventeen cantos by Garga Muni: an ancient sage and priest of the Yadu dynasty having. This is verse 5 of Chapter 17 (The Gopis Describe Their Remembrance of Sri Krsna) of Canto 5 (mathura-khanda).

Sanskrit text, transliteration and word-by-word meaning:

स्रि-मैथिल उचुह् धनम् दत्त्व तनुम् रक्सेत् तनुम् दत्त्व त्रपम् व्यधत् धनम् तनुम् त्रपम् दद्यन् मित्र-कर्यर्थम् एव हि स्रि-मैथिल

sri-maithila ucuh dhanam dattva tanum rakset tanum dattva trapam vyadhat dhanam tanum trapam dadyan mitra-karyartham eva hi sri-maithila

ucuh—the gopis that had been the women of Mithila said; dhanam—wealth; dattvagiving; tanum—body; rakset—should protect; tanum—body; dattva—giving; trapammodesty; vyadhat—gives; dhanam—wealth; tanum—body; trapam—modesty; dadyat—may guve; mitra-karyartham—for friendship; eva—indeed; hi—indeed.

English translation of verse 5.17.31:

The gopis that had been the women of Mithila said: By paying money one may protect his body, and by renouncing this body one may preserve his good reputation. For the sake of a friend one may give away his money, body, and good reputation.

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