Garga Samhita (English)

by Danavir Goswami | 425,489 words

The Garga-samhita Verse 1.6.27, English translation, including word-by-word: This text represents a Vaishnava scripture which narrates the life Krishna, It was composed in seventeen cantos by Garga Muni: an ancient sage and priest of the Yadu dynasty having. This is verse 1 of Chapter 6 (Description of Kamsa’s Strength) of Canto 1 (goloka-khanda).

Sanskrit text, transliteration and word-by-word meaning:

द्विविदो गिरिम् उत्पत्य
चीक्षेप तस्य मूर्धनि
कंसो गिरिं गृहीत्वा च
तस्योपरि समाक्षिपत्

dvivido girim utpatya
cīkṣepa tasya mūrdhani
kaṃso giriṃ gṛhītvā ca
tasyopari samākṣipat

dvividaḥDvivida; girim—a mountain; utpatya—uprooting; cīkṣepa—threw; tasya—of him; mūrdhani—on the head; kaṃsaḥKaṃsa; girim—a mountain; gṛhītvāgrabbing; ca—also; tasya—him; uparion; samākṣipat—threw.

English translation of verse 1.6.27:

Dvivida uprooted a mountain and threw it on Kaṃsa's head. Kaṃsa also grabbed a mountain and threw it on Dvivida.

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