Cidgaganacandrika (study)

by S. Mahalakshmi | 2017 | 83,507 words

Cidgaganacandrika 115 [Ambara Dvaya-rupa of Shakti], English comparative study extracted from the two available commentaries—the Divyacakorika and the Kramaprakashika. The Cidgagana-candrika is an important Tantric work belonging to the Krama system of Kashmir Shaivism. Written by Kalidasa (Shrivatsa) in 312 Sanskrit verses, it deals with the knowledge regarding both the Macrocosmic and Microcosmic phenomena

Verse 115 [Ambara Dvaya-rūpa of Śakti]

Sanskrit text, Unicode transliteration and English commentary of verse 115:

बिन्दुनादशशिपीठभास्वरा ज्वालराजभगकालविग्रहा ।
अस्वराख्यपरमाम्बरात्मिका मङ्गला त्वमसि वाक्त्रयातिगा ॥ ११५ ॥

bindunādaśaśipīṭhabhāsvarā jvālarājabhagakālavigrahā |
asvarākhyaparamāmbarātmikā maṅgalā tvamasi vāktrayātigā || 115 ||

Comparative analysis of commentaries and excerpts in English:

[Ambara Dvaya-rūpa of Śakti]

Sasvara consists of three forms viz.,

  1. Paśyantī,
  2. Madhyamā and
  3. Vaikharī.

Each of these three forms again have sixteen svaras respectively.

They are identified as:

kālaḷ-kāra (eight svaras).
” and “Varṇa’s (long and short) form 4 svaras.
a”, “i”, “u” (long and short form) 6 svaras .
e”, “o”, “ai”, “au” form 4 svaras.

These together sum up to sixteen svaras . These emerge in the three levels of Vāc which form the three types of Sasvara ambara [sasvaram ambaram].

Asvara ambara [asvaram ambaram] is the Parāvāc form which transcends these three levels and is most subtle. This Parāvāc is called Maṅgala. Maṅgala is further classified as Parā and Aparā. Parāmaṅgala is the Parā form of Vāc. Aparā takes the three forms of Paśyantī, Madhyamā and Vaikharī represented by “i”, “”, “ka” (three) Varṇas. “i” and “Varṇas are also found in Sasvara ambarātmika Śakti.

Both abodes[1] are Śakti’s form as Vāc. She is Parā at the highest subtility stage of manifestation of the universe of names and forms.

Notes and Sanskrit references:

[1] Cf. [Kramaprakāśikā] p 69-[Cidgaganacandrikā] 115.—

ambaraṃ dvividham—sasvaramasvaraṃ ceti|

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