Charaka Samhita (English translation)

by Shree Gulabkunverba Ayurvedic Society | 1949 | 81,637 words | ISBN-13: 9788176370813

The English translation of the Charaka Samhita (by Caraka) deals with Ayurveda (also ‘the science of life’) and includes eight sections dealing with Sutrasthana (general principles), Nidanasthana (pathology), Vimanasthana (training), Sharirasthana (anatomy), Indriyasthana (sensory), Cikitsasthana (therapeutics), Kalpasthana (pharmaceutics) and Sidd...

Chapter 27g - The group of Wines (Madya)

178. Now begins the section on wines (Madyamadyavarga):—

The General qualities of wine

Wine is naturally acid and hot in taste and is considered, to be acid on digestion. This is its general property. Its specific characteristic will now be described.

The Qualities of Sura wine

179.The sura wine is recommended in emaciation, suppressin of urine, assimilation-disorders, piles, deficiency of milk and of blood and is curative of Vata

The Qualities of Madira wine

180.The Madira wine is beneficial in hiccup, dyspnea, coryza, cough, scybalous stools, anorexia vomiting constipation and obstipation and is curative of Vata.

The Qualities of Jagala wine

181. The Jagala wine is beneficial in colic, dysentery, autometeorism, Kapha, Vata and piles. It is astringent, dry, hot and curative of edema and is digestive of food

The Qualities of Medicated wine

182. The Arishta [ariṣṭa] or medicded [medicated?] wine is curative of consumption, piles, assimilation-disorders, anemia, anorexia, fever and other diseases when, these arise from Kapha. It is an appetizer and digestive-stimulant.

The Qualities of Sugar wine

183.The sugar wine is palatable and a light intoxicant. It is fragrant, curative of painful urinary disorders, promotive of digestion, a cardiac tonic, and is promotive of complexion on assimilation.

The Qualities of Pakvarasa wine

184. The Pakvarasa wine is appetizer, digestive-stimulant, cordial, beneficial in consumption, edema and piles and is considered curative of Kapha-disorders and disorders born of the overuse of unctuous articles. It promotes complexion.

The Qualities of Shitarasika (Seetarasika) wine

185 The Shitarasika [śītarasika] wine is pro-motive of digestion, curative of obstipation and clarifies the voice and complexion. It is a revulswe [revulsive?] and is beneficial in edema, abdominal affections and piles.

The Qualities of Gur wine

186. The gur wine loosens and evacuates feces and flatus. It is nourishing and digestive-stimulant. he Gouda wine is considered beneficial in anemia and wounds. It is couside red a digestive stimulant.

The Qualities of Sura, Madhvasava and Maireya wines

187. The Sura wine is acutely intoxicating, curative of Vata and palatable. The Madhvasava [madhvāsa] is depletive and acute and the Maireya wine is sweet and heavy.

The Qualities of Fulsee flower, Grape, and Sugar cane wines

188 Fulsee flower wine is cordial, dry, appetizing and digestive. The grape and sugarcane wines are like Madhvika wine but is not very hot.

The Qualities of Honey wine

189.The honey wine is appetizing, digestive-stimulant cordial, strengthening. not antagonistic to Pitta, curative of constipation and Kapha. It is light and sightly increases Vata.

The Qualities of Barley-sura wine And the Madhulika-sura wine

190. The sura wine taken along with its scum and made out of barley is dry, hot, increases Vata and Pitta, is heavy and delayed in digestion and Madhulika [madhūlikā] wine increases Kapha.

The Quality of Sauviraka and Tushodaka wines

191. The Sauviraka [sauvīraka] and Tushodaka [tuṣodaka] wines are digestive-stimulant, promotive of digestion, curative of cardiac disorders, anemia and of worms, beneficial in assimilation-disorders and piles and are laxative.

The Qualities of Sour-conjee wine

192. The sour-conjee wine is curtive of burning and fever in the form of application; in the form of potion, it is curative of Vata, Kapha and constipation and is a laxative and digestivestimulant.

Old wine and wine taken in proper dose

193-195. Fresh wine is generally heavy and provocative of the humors, and old wine is purificative of bodychannels, digestive-stimulant, light and appetizing. Wine is exhilarating, pleasant, strengthening and relives fear, grief and fatigue. It gives courage, virility, meatal exaltation, satisfaction, plumpness and vitality. If it is taken by virtuous men in proper manner and systematically, it acts like nectar.

Thus, the seventh section concerning wines (Madya—madyavarga) has been described.

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