Chandogya Upanishad (english Translation)

by Swami Lokeswarananda | 165,421 words | ISBN-10: 8185843910 | ISBN-13: 9788185843919

This is the English translation of the Chandogya-upanishad, including a commentary based on Swami Lokeswarananda’s weekly discourses; incorporating extracts from Shankara’s bhasya. The Chandogya Upanishad is a major Hindu philosophical text incorporated in the Sama Veda, and dealing with meditation and Brahman. This edition includes the Sanskrit t...

Verse 4.2.1

तदु ह जानश्रुतिः पौत्रायणः षट्शतानि गवां निष्कमश्वतरीरथं तदादाय प्रतिचक्रमे तं हाभ्युवाद ॥ ४.२.१ ॥

tadu ha jānaśrutiḥ pautrāyaṇaḥ ṣaṭśatāni gavāṃ niṣkamaśvatarīrathaṃ tadādāya praticakrame taṃ hābhyuvāda || 4.2.1 ||

1. Then Jānaśruti Pautrāyaṇa went to that place, taking with him six hundred cows, a gold necklace, and a chariot drawn by mules. He said to him [Raikva]:

Word-for-word explanation:

Tat u ha, next; jānaśrutiḥ pautrāyaṇaḥ, the great-grandson of Janaśruta; ṣaṭ śatāni gavām, six hundred cows; niṣkam, a gold necklace; aśvatarīratham, a chariot drawn by mules; tat ādāya, that with him; praticakrame, went [there]; tam ha abhyuvāda, he said to him.


Hearing the report from his attendant, and thinking that Raikva might be poor and in need of money, Jānaśruti went with some gifts to offer Raikva, so that Raikva would teach him.