Chandogya Upanishad (english Translation)

by Swami Lokeswarananda | 165,421 words | ISBN-10: 8185843910 | ISBN-13: 9788185843919

This is the English translation of the Chandogya-upanishad, including a commentary based on Swami Lokeswarananda’s weekly discourses; incorporating extracts from Shankara’s bhasya. The Chandogya Upanishad is a major Hindu philosophical text incorporated in the Sama Veda, and dealing with meditation and Brahman. This edition includes the Sanskrit t...

Verse 2.2.3

कल्पन्ते हास्मै लोका ऊर्ध्वाश्चावृत्ताश्च य एतदेवं विद्वाँल्लोकेषु पञ्चविधं सामोपास्ते ॥ २.२.३ ॥
॥ इति द्वितीयः खण्डः ॥

kalpante hāsmai lokā ūrdhvāścāvṛttāśca ya etadevaṃ vidvām̐llokeṣu pañcavidhaṃ sāmopāste || 2.2.3 ||
|| iti dvitīyaḥ khaṇḍaḥ ||

3. He who worships Sāma with the above knowledge, and worships it in the fivefold manner as described, has all these worlds, from the lowest to the highest and from the highest to the lowest, for his enjoyment.

Word-for-word explanation:

Yaḥ, he who; etaṭ, this [Sāma]; evam, as such [i.e., as good]; vidvān, having known; lokeṣu, the worlds [the earth, etc.]; pañcavidham, fivefold [i.e., using hiṃ and the other four symbols]; sāma upāste, worships the Sāma; ūrdhvāḥ ca, going upwards; āvṛttāḥ ca, and coming downwards; lokāḥ ha asmai kalpante, the worlds are there for him to enjoy. Iti dvitīyaḥ khaṇḍaḥ, here ends the second section.


What benefit do you derive from worshipping Sāma in the worlds? The benefit is that you have all the five worlds—from the lowest to the highest and from the highest to the lowest—for your enjoyment. This is because you know Sāma is the essence of everything in these worlds.