Chaitanya Bhagavata

by Bhumipati Dāsa | 2008 | 1,349,850 words

The Chaitanya Bhagavata 1.16.286, English translation, including a commentary (Gaudiya-bhasya). This text is similair to the Caitanya-caritamrita and narrates the pastimes of Lord Caitanya, proclaimed to be the direct incarnation of Krishna (as Bhagavan) This is verse 286 of Adi-khanda chapter 16—“The Glories of Shri Haridasa Thakura”.

Bengali text, Devanagari and Unicode transliteration of verse 1.16.286:

উচ্চ করি’ করিলে গোবিন্দ-সঙ্কীর্তন জন্তু-মাত্র শুনিঞাই পাই বিমোচন ॥ ২৮৬ ॥

उच्च करि’ करिले गोविन्द-सङ्कीर्तन जन्तु-मात्र शुनिञाइ पाइ विमोचन ॥ २८६ ॥

ucca kari’ karile govinda-saṅkīrtana jantu-mātra śuniñāi pāi vimocana || 286 ||

ucca kari’ karile govinda-sankirtana jantu-matra suninai pai vimocana (286)

English translation:

(286) “One who loudly chants the names of Govinda, however, liberates himself along with all living entities who hear him.

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