Chaitanya Bhagavata

by Bhumipati Dāsa | 2008 | 1,349,850 words

The Chaitanya Bhagavata 1.14.111, English translation, including a commentary (Gaudiya-bhasya). This text is similair to the Caitanya-caritamrita and narrates the pastimes of Lord Caitanya, proclaimed to be the direct incarnation of Krishna (as Bhagavan) This is verse 111 of Adi-khanda chapter 14—“The Lord’s Travel to East Bengal and the Disappearance of Lakshmipriya”.

Bengali text, Devanagari and Unicode transliteration of verse 1.14.111-112:

সুবর্ণ, রজত, জল-পাত্র, দিব্যাসন সুরঙ্গ-কম্বল, বহু-প্রকার বসন উত্তম পদার্থ যত ছিল যা’র ঘরে সবেই সন্তোষে আনি’ দিলেন প্রভুরে ॥ ১১১-১১২ ॥

सुवर्ण, रजत, जल-पात्र, दिव्यासन सुरङ्ग-कम्बल, बहु-प्रकार वसन उत्तम पदार्थ यत छिल या’र घरे सबेइ सन्तोषे आनि’ दिलेन प्रभुरे ॥ १११-११२ ॥

suvarṇa, rajata, jala-pātra, divyāsana suraṅga-kambala, bahu-prakāra vasana uttama padārtha yata chila yā’ra ghare sabei santoṣe āni’ dilena prabhure || 111-112 ||

suvarna, rajata, jala-patra, divyasana suranga-kambala, bahu-prakara vasana uttama padartha yata chila ya’ra ghare sabei santose ani’ dilena prabhure (111-112)

English translation:

(111-112) They happily gave the Lord gold, silver, waterpots, āsanas, colorful blankets, various clothing, and whatever other fine items they had in their homes.

Commentary: Gauḍīya-bhāṣya by Śrīla Bhaktisiddhānta Sarasvatī Ṭhākura:

The phrase suraṅga-kambala refers to a bright, beautiful, attractive, colored blanket—in this case a colored shawl (?).

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