Chaitanya Bhagavata

by Bhumipati Dāsa | 2008 | 1,349,850 words

The Chaitanya Bhagavata 1.1.147, English translation, including a commentary (Gaudiya-bhasya). This text is similair to the Caitanya-caritamrita and narrates the pastimes of Lord Caitanya, proclaimed to be the direct incarnation of Krishna (as Bhagavan) This is verse 147 of Adi-khanda chapter 1—“Summary of Lord Gaura’s Pastimes”.

Bengali text, Devanagari and Unicode transliteration of verse 1.1.147:

মধ্য-খণ্ডে, শ্রীবাসের মৃত-পুত্র-মুখে জীব-তত্ত্ব কহাইযা ঘুচাইলা দুঃখে ॥ ১৪৭ ॥

मध्य-खण्डे, श्रीवासेर मृत-पुत्र-मुखे जीव-तत्त्व कहाइया घुचाइला दुःखे ॥ १४७ ॥

madhya-khaṇḍe, śrīvāsera mṛta-putra-mukhe jīva-tattva kahāiyā ghucāilā duḥkhe || 147 ||

madhya-khande, srivasera mrta-putra-mukhe jiva-tattva kahaiya ghucaila duhkhe (147)

English translation:

(147) In the Madhya-khaṇḍa the Lord induces Śrīvāsa’s dead son to speak on the science of the soul, thus destroying everyone’s sorrow.

Commentary: Gauḍīya-bhāṣya by Śrīla Bhaktisiddhānta Sarasvatī Ṭhākura:

The Lord helped the relatives of Śrīvāsa mitigate their distress of

separation by inducing Śrīvāsa’s dead son to describe the living entities’ transmigration from one body to another.

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