Brihat Samhita

by N. Chidambaram Iyer | 1884 | 135,584 words | ISBN-13: 9788171104215

This page describes patta (crown plate) which is the forty-ninth Chapter of the English translation of the Brihat-samhita. This work, written by Varahamihira in the 6th century, is classified as jyotisha literature, also known as Indian astronomy. It contains however, also content regarding astrology, palmistry, agriculture, gardening, perfumes, medicines and various other encyclopedic topics.

Chapter 49 - On Paṭṭa (crown plate)

Note: Paṭṭa refers to a frontlet or fillet worn round the head.

1. Able writers have fully treated of the subject of Paṭṭa. I shall here give a summary of their statements, not omitting however the important points.

2. That it may do good, the king’s paṭṭa shall be 8 digits broad in the middle, the queen’s shall be 7 digits broad, and the prince’s shall be 6 digits broad.

3. The commander’s shall be 4 digits broad in the middle. The Prasādapaṭṭa (which is worn by a person as a token of royal favour) shall be 2 digits broad. Thus, paṭṭas are five in number.

4. If the paṭṭa were made of pure gold and twice as long, with its sides half as broad as the dimension at the middle, it would make the wearer happy.

5. The king’s paṭṭa shall have five points or crests; the queen’s and the prince’s shall have three crests; the commander’s shall have a single crest and the Prasādapaṭṭa shall have no crest.

6. If gold plate while being beaten out for the paṭṭa should extend easily, the king would enjoy an increase of prosperity and success and his subjects too would be happy.

7. If, while being beaten out, the plate should be wounded in the middle, the king’s life and power would suffer destruction. If it should break either at the middle or at the sides, there would be misery and the plate should be rejected.

8. If, while the paṭṭa is being made, evil omens should occur, the learned astrologer shall prescribe expiatory ceremonies for the benefit of the king. If good omens should occur at the time there would be an increase of territory.

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