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Verse 2.1.163

TEXT 2.1.163



aho—oh; tat-kṣetra—of that holy district; māhātmyam—the greatness; gardabhaḥ—a donkey; api—even; catuḥ-bhujaḥ—four-armed; yatra—there; praveśa—by entering; mātreṇa—simply; na—not; kasya api—of anyone; punaḥ-bhavaḥ—rebirth.


163. “Oh, that holy kṣetra is so great that even the donkeys living there have four arms! Anyone who simply enters that district will never take birth again.


Commentary: Some may doubt the claim that Lord Jagannātha’s prasāda is so special. Those doubters should be informed that Lord Jagannātha’s abode is even more special. Even lowly animals like donkeys who live there are four-armed, for they have automatically achieved the perfection of sārūpya, having bodily features just like the Lord’s.

This is stated by Lord Brahmā in the Brahma Purāṇa:

aho kṣetrasya māhātmyaṃ samantād daśa yojanam
divi-ṣṭhā yatra paśyanti sarvān eva catur-bhujāḥ

“Just see how great is this holy abode! The demigods in heaven see that in this kṣetra, for ten yojanas on all sides, everyone has four arms.”

Śrī Veda-vyāsa says in the Garuḍa Purāṇa:

yatra sthitā janāḥ sarve śaṅkha-cakrābja-pāṇayaḥ
dṛśyante divi devāṃś ca mohayanti muhur muhuḥ

“Everyone living there appears with hands holding a conchshell, disc, and lotus. The demigods in heaven are constantly bewildered to see this.”

And Śrī Nārada says in the Bahvṛca-pariśiṣṭa:

catur-bhujā janāḥ sarve dṛśyante yan-nivāsinaḥ

“All the residents there are seen to have four arms.”

Furthermore, simply by setting foot in Puruṣottama-kṣetra, any living being coming from anywhere is freed from having to take another birth.

This is confirmed by Śrī Veda-vyāsa in the same Bahvṛca-pariśiṣṭa:

sparśanād eva tat kṣetraṃi
nṛṇāṃ mukti-pradāyakam yatra sākṣāt paraṃ brahma bhāti dārava-līlayā
api janma-śataiḥ sāgrair duritācāra-tatparaḥ kṣetre ’smin saṅga-mātreṇa jāyate viṣṇunā saha

“This holy kṣetra, where the Supreme Truth is present in His pastime of having a wooden form, bestows liberation upon all men who simply touch it. Even if someone has been dedicated to sinful behavior for many hundreds of lives, by merely coming into contact with this kṣetra he will take birth in the company of Lord Viṣṇu.”

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