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Verse 2.6.115-116

TEXT 2.6.115-116

śrī-rohiṇyā pariṣkṛtya
vividhair bhājanair divyaiḥ
prahitaṃ gṛha-madhyataḥ
pariveṣyamāṇaṃ snehena
mātrā bhoga-purandaram
annaṃ bhuṅkte catur-vidham


yaśodā-nandanaḥ—the darling son of Yaśodā; vāme— on the left; dakṣiṇe—on the right; rohiṇī-sutaḥ—the son of Rohiṇī; teṣām—Their; aham—I; tu—but; mahatā—strong; āgraheṇa—on strong insistence; abhimukhe—opposite; pṛthak—separately.


115-116. Yaśodā’s darling child sat on his left, the son of Rohiṇī on his right. And at the strong insistence of these brothers, I sat directly opposite, in my own place.


Commentary: For the oldest son to sit on his father’s right is standard etiquette. And this also made it easier for Nanda Mahārāja to feed Kṛṣṇa with his own hand. The two brothers asked for Sarūpa to sit just opposite them and Nanda. Though Sarūpa was served separately, Nanda shared his own food with his two sons. This was acceptable for him to do with two boys who had not yet received the sacred-thread initiation.

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