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Verse 2.2.134

TEXT 2.2.134

atho tad ākarṇya catur-mukhaṃ ca
anūdya nīcair anumodamānaṃ
muhus tad-aṅghrīn abhivandamānam


atha u—then; tat—that; ākarṇya—hearing; catuḥ- mukham—four-headed Brahmā; ca—and; pramoda— of joy; sampat—by the vast treasure; vivaśī— overwhelmed; bhavantam—becoming; anūdya— repeating; nīcaiḥ—quietly; anumodamānam— agreeing; muhuḥ—repeatedly; tat—His; aṅghrīn—to the feet; abhivandamānam—offering respects.


134. Hearing these matters, four-headed Brahmā, overwhelmed by a vast treasure of transcendental joy, quietly repeated and agreed with each point he was taught, and then offered his respects again and again at the feet of the Lord.


Commentary: After relishing the wonder of the Supreme Lord speaking intimate instructions to His devotee, Gopa-kumāra turned his attention to Brahmā, whom he saw was receiving the lesson with great ecstasy. To show understanding of the Lord’s words, Brahmā dutifully repeated each point, and confirmed that he agreed completely, before the Lord continued with the next. When the lesson was over, Brahmā profusely thanked the Lord. For Brahmā to bow down while sitting on his lotus seat would have been difficult, but at least he showed his respects with his words and joined palms.

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