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Verse 2.2.121

TEXT 2.2.121

kadācit puṣkara-dvīpe
sva-bhaktān kṛpayekṣitum
prasthito haṃsam ārūḍhas
tatrāyātaś catur-mukhaḥ


kadācit—once; puṣkara-dvīpe—on Puṣkara-dvīpa; sva- bhaktān—his devotees; kṛpayā—mercifully; īkṣitum— to see; prasthitaḥ—on a trip; haṃsam—on his swan; ārūḍhaḥ—mounted; tatra—there; āyātaḥ—came; catuḥ-mukhaḥ—four-headed Brahmā.


121. Once, four-headed Brahmā came to Tapoloka, riding on his swan. He was on his way to Puṣkara-dvīpa to grace his devotees with a visit.


Commentary: In texts 121 through 128 Gopa-kumāra relates how he was convinced to go to Satyaloka. He tells how he first got an idea of the glories of Satyaloka by seeing in person that planet’s ruler, Lord Brahmā. On Puṣkara-dvīpa, within the Bhū-maṇḍala system, Lord Brahmā is worshiped as a representative of the Personality of Godhead. Gopa-kumāra, who knew nothing about Lord Brahmā’s existence, simply describes what he physically saw.

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