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Verse 2.2.61

TEXT 2.2.61

tatratyaika-dinasya hi
ante trai-lokya-dāhena
jana-loko ’dhigamyate


catuḥ-yuga—cycles of four ages; sahasrasya—of a thousand; tatratya—of that place; eka-dinasya—of one day; hi—indeed; ante—at the end; trai-lokya—of the three worlds; dāhena—with the conflagration; jana-lokaḥ—Janaloka; adhigamyate—is resorted to.


61. At the end of one thousand cycles of ages—for that place, one day—the conflagration of the three worlds forced us to take refuge on Janaloka.


Commentary: Maharloka exists for the same duration as the planet of Lord Brahmā, but because Maharloka is adjacent to Svarga its inhabitants are forced to evacuate by the heat created during the fire of annihilation that burns the lower worlds. After Maharloka, Janaloka is the next higher planetary system.

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