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Verse 2.1.73

TEXT 2.1.73

na mad-devas tataḥ kasmāt
pratīyeta sa mādhavaḥ


śaṅkha—with a conchshell; cakra—disc; gadā—club; padma—and lotus; vibhūṣita—decorated; catuḥ- bhujaḥ—having four hands; na—not; mat—my; devaḥ—Deity; tataḥ—therefore; kasmāt—why; pratīyeta—should be perceived; saḥ—He; mādhavaḥ— as Lord Mādhava.


73. “Lord Mādhava has four arms,” he thought, “and is decorated with a conchshell, disc, club, and lotus. This is not my Deity. Why should my Lord look like this?


Commentary: The Pañcarātras describe the form of Lord Mādhava among the twenty-four vyūha expansions of Nārāyaṇa. Gadā-śaṅkha-cakra-padmān bibhran mādhava ucyate: “When the Lord is holding His club, conchshell, disc, and lotus [in that order, clockwise, from His lower right hand], He is called Mādhava.”

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