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Verse 1.2.31

TEXT 1.2.31

yasyaikasmin dine śakrā
mādṛśāḥ syuś caturdaśa
manv-ādi-yuktā yasyāś ca


yasya—his; ekasmin—in one; dine—day; śakrāḥ— Indras; mādṛśāḥ—like me; syuḥ—there will be; caturdaśa—fourteen; manu-ādi—by Manus and other sages and demigods; yuktāḥ—joined; yasyāḥ—in which (day of Brahmā); ca—and; catuḥ-yuga—of cycles of four ages; sahasrakam—a thousand.


31. In one day of Brahmā, fourteen Indras like me come and go, along with different sets of Manus and all the demigods. That one day equals one thousand cycles of earthly ages.

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