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Verse 1.2.30

TEXT 1.2.30

kintu sva-pitaraṃ hareḥ
anugraha-padaṃ viddhi
lakṣmī-kānta-suto hi saḥ


parame-sthi—of the head of the universe, Brahmā; suta-śreṣṭha—O best son; kintu—but; sva-pitaram— your father; hareḥ—of Lord Hari; anugraha—of the favor; padam—the recipient; viddhi—please know; lakṣmī-kānta—of Lord Viṣṇu, the husband of Lakṣmī; sutaḥ—the son; hi—indeed; saḥ—he.


30. But you should know, O best son of Brahmā, that your own father is the true recipient of the favor of Lord Hari. He is directly the son of Lord Viṣṇu, the husband of Lakṣmī.


The four Kumāras, headed by Sanaka, are senior to Nārada by age, as are several other sons of Brahmā, but Nārada is superior by virtue of his pure devotion to Lord Lakṣmī-kānta. But even better than the best son is the father, born not from Mother Lakṣmī’s womb but directly from the navel of the Supreme Person.