Brihad Bhagavatamrita (commentary)

by Śrī Śrīmad Bhaktivedānta Nārāyana Gosvāmī Mahārāja | 2005 | 440,179 words | ISBN-13: 9781935428329

The Brihad-bhagavatamrita Verse 1.1.32-34, English translation, including commentary (Dig-darshini-tika): an important Vaishnava text dealing with the importance of devotional service. The Brihad-bhagavatamrita, although an indepent Sanskrit work, covers the essential teachings of the Shrimad Bhagavatam (Bhagavata-purana). This is verse 1.1.32-34 contained in Chapter 1—Bhauma (the earthly plane)—of Part one (prathama-khanda).

Sanskrit text, Unicode transliteration, Word-for-word and English translation of verse 1.1.32-34:

ततो वेद-पुराणादि-व्याख्याभिर् वाद-कोविदान् ।
विप्रान् प्रणम्य यतिनो गृहिणो ब्रह्म-चारिणः ॥ ३२ ॥
वैष्णवांश् च सदा कृष्ण-कीर्तनानन्द-लम्पटान् ।
सुबहून् मधुरैर् वाक्यैर् व्यवहारैश् च हर्षयन् ॥ ३३ ॥
पाद-शौच-जलं तेषां धारयन् शिरसि स्वयम् ।
भगवत्य् अर्पितैस् तद्वद् अन्नादिभिर् अपूजयत् ॥ ३४ ॥

tato veda-purāṇādi-vyākhyābhir vāda-kovidān |
viprān praṇamya yatino gṛhiṇo brahma-cāriṇaḥ || 32 ||
vaiṣṇavāṃś ca sadā kṛṣṇa-kīrtanānanda-lampaṭān |
subahūn madhurair vākyair vyavahāraiś ca harṣayan || 33 ||
pāda-śauca-jalaṃ teṣāṃ dhārayan śirasi svayam |
bhagavaty arpitais tadvad annādibhir apūjayat || 34 ||

Afterwards, that brāhmaṇa offered praṇāmas to many sannyāsīs, brahmacārīs and gṛhastha brāhmaṇas who were knowers of the Vedas, Purāṇas and other śāstras and who were expert in debating. He then greeted and honored all the Vaiṣṇavas who were always eagerly desirous for the bliss of śrī-kṛṣṇa-kīrtana with gentle words, daṇḍavat praṇāmas and various cordial dealings.

Finally, placing the sanctified footbath water from all the great souls on his head, he worshipped them just like Śrī Bhagavān by offering them the remnants of Bhagavān.

Commentary: Dig-darśinī-ṭīkā with Bhāvānuvāda

(By Śrīla Sanātana Gosvāmī himself including a deep purport of that commentary)

After that, the learned brāhmaṇa worshipped all the Vaiṣṇavas and other brāhmaṇas like Śrī Bhagavān with the remnants of the foodstuffs offered to the Supreme Person.

The brāhmaṇas are expert in the art of debate by expounding on the Vedas, Purāṇas and revelatory śāstras. In other words, the brāhmaṇas always remain engaged in debate on the strength of their scholarship. Like this, having described the characteristics of the brāhmaṇas, he is narrating the characteristics of the Vaiṣṇavas by the words sadā kṛṣṇeti, that is, the hearts of all Vaiṣṇavas remain continuously absorbed in the bliss of śrī-kṛṣṇa-saṅkīrtana. A Vaiṣṇava means a brāhmaṇa, or simply a person of another class distinction initiated by the viṣṇu-mantra. In other words, all the brāhmaṇas initiated by the viṣṇu-mantra are indeed known by as Vaiṣṇava. After being initated in the viṣṇu-mantra, persons of other social classes and castes or communities (jāti) are also known as Vaiṣṇavas. Their titles or identities are not different. But at this place, other brāhmaṇas were also present along with the viṣṇu-mantra initiated brāhmaṇas. Therefore, it is certainly consistent to address them separately as brāhmaṇas.

Afterwards, that brāhmaṇa glorified and prayed to all the brāhmaṇas who were expert in the Vedas, and the sannyāsīs, gṛhasthas, brahmacārīs and Vaiṣṇavas through his sweet words. Moreover, he honored them by offering daṇḍavat praṇāmas, by bathing their feet and then sprinkling the sanctified footbath water of all these great souls upon his head. The word ādi (annādibhir in the last line of the original verse) is also meant to include “ceremonious offerings of lamps and fans." (nīrājana in the commentary)

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