by C. G. Kashikar | 1964 | 166,530 words

The English translation of the Bharadvaja-Srauta-Sutra, representing some of the oldest texts on Hindu rituals and rites of passages, dating to at least the 1st millennium BCE. The term Srautasutra refers to a class of Sanskrit Sutra literature dealing with ceremonies based on the Brahmana divisions of the Veda (Sruti). They include Vedic rituals r...

Praśna 4, Kaṇḍikā 7

1. He should recite over the surface of the earth being dug out[1] the verse, “ The plants and water which we, the Adhvaryus, might injure through digging by means of the wooden sword, may the wide midregion guard me from that,” and also the verse, “The dreadful which we may have injured while we, desirous of attaining the gods through our minds, are digging; may we not invite the anger of the earth thereby. May the earth be auspicious to us together with all the regions.”

He should follow the altar which has been (well) prepared[2] with the verse, “Becoming the earth, the altar has fed our greatness. Thereby the goddess has increased the milk. Worthy of sacrifice, the plants, water, and cows go asunder and meet together.”[3]

3. He should recite over the prokṣaṇī-water being placed (within the altar)[4] the verse, “I praise the goddess water whose power is praiseworthy, who flows day and night, and is noiseless.”

4. He should recite over the Barhis being placed towards (the north of the praṇītā-water)[5] the verse, “We have cut the Barhis on the earth, while causing the plants to grow which have been cut. May the plants, whose roots I have cut up, be auspicious and well-invoked.”

5. He should recite over the clarified butter and the prokṣaṇī-water being purified[6] the verse, “O goddesses Śakvarīs, do you purify well with the strainers of Savitṛ—the clarified butter with water and the water with clarified butter. Do you, knowing, guard this sacrifice with strength.”

6. The gazing[7] at the clarified butter and the taking up[8] of the clarified butter have been already explained.

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II. 7.5.

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