by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura Mahasaya | 2010 | 123,965 words

The Bhajana-rahasya Text 4, English translation, including commentary (vritti). The Bhajana-rahasya is a compilation of verses describing the mercy of the eight pairs of names (Yugala-nama) of the Maha-mantra. This is text 4 belonging to the chapter “Tritiya-yama-sadhana (Purvahna-kaliya-bhajana–nishtha-bhajana)” representing the six dandas until two praharas: approximately 8.30 a.m.–11.00 a.m.

One should be tolerant like a tree and compassionate to all living entities.

In Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam (3.9.12) Śrī Brahmā says:

नातिप्रसीदति तथोपचितोपचारैर् आराधितः सुर-गणैर् हृदि बद्ध-कामैः
यत् सर्व-भूत-दययासद्-अलभ्ययैको नाना-जनेष्व् अवहितः सुहृद् अन्तर्-आत्मा

nātiprasīdati tathopacitopacārair ārādhitaḥ sura-gaṇair hṛdi baddha-kāmaiḥ
yat sarva-bhūta-dayayāsad-alabhyayaiko nānā-janeṣv avahitaḥ suhṛd antar-ātmā

O Bhagavān, You are situated in the heart of all living entities as the supremely benevolent Supersoul. Because of Your compassionate nature, You always remain pleasing to everyone, but You cannot be attained by the nondevotees.

बहु उपचारार्पणे, पूजि’ कामी देव-गणे,
प्रसन्नता ना ल’भे तोमार
सर्व-भूते दया करि’, भजे अखिलात्मा हरि,
तारे कृपा तोमार अपार

bahu upacārārpaṇe, pūji’ kāmī deva-gaṇe,
prasannatā nā la’bhe tomāra
sarva-bhūte dayā kari’, bhaje akhilātmā hari,
tāre kṛpā tomāra apāra

Commentary: Bhajana-rahasya-vṛtti:

Śrī Brahmā is praying at the lotus feet of the Supreme Lord, “O Bhagavān, You are situated as the Supersoul in all living entities. You are everyone’s friend and, despite being unattainable for the non-devotees, You are always merciful to everyone. The demigods worship You so that You will be pleased and fulfil their various material desires. Due to Your merciful nature, You grant their wishes, for You have said in Bhagavad-gītā (4.11): ‘ye yathā māṃ prapadyante tāṃs tathaiva bhajāmy aham–as all surrender unto Me and worship Me, I reciprocate accordingly.’ However, You always give special mercy to Your devotees. Although Your mercy is distributed everywhere, You have special affection for Your devotees. This is not a mixture of contradictory characteristics.”

According to Bhagavad-gītā (9.29):

समो’हं सर्व-भूतेषु न मे द्वेष्यो’स्ति न प्रियः
ये भजन्ति तु मां भक्त्या मयि ते तेषु चाप्य् अहम्

samo’haṃ sarva-bhūteṣu na me dveṣyo’sti na priyaḥ
ye bhajanti tu māṃ bhaktyā mayi te teṣu cāpy aham

I am equally disposed to all living beings and am neither inimical nor partial to anyone. But as those who serve Me with devotion are attached to Me, I, too, am bound by affection for them.

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