by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura Mahasaya | 2010 | 123,965 words

The Bhajana-rahasya Text 26, English translation, including commentary (vritti). The Bhajana-rahasya is a compilation of verses describing the mercy of the eight pairs of names (Yugala-nama) of the Maha-mantra. This is text 26 belonging to the chapter “Prathama-yama-sadhana (Nishanta-bhajana–shraddha)” representing the last six dandas of the night: approximately 3.30 a.m.–6.00 a.m.

The second verse of Śrī Kṛṣṇa-nāmāṣṭaka states:

जय नामधेय! मुनि-वृन्द-गेय! जन-रञ्जनाय परम् अक्षराकृते!
त्वम् अनादराद् अपि मनाग्-उदीरितं निखिलोग्र-ताप-पटलीं विलुम्पसि

jaya nāmadheya! muni-vṛnda-geya! jana-rañjanāya param akṣarākṛte!
tvam anādarād api manāg-udīritaṃ nikhilogra-tāpa-paṭalīṃ vilumpasi

O Harināma, the great sages constantly chant Your glories. To delight the devotees You have appeared in the form of transcendental syllables. All victory unto You! May Your excellence forever be splendidly manifest, and may You display it to all. Prabhu, Your excellence is such that even if Your name is chanted only once and without respect–that is, to indicate something else, as a joke or for any other extraneous reason–it completely destroys the most fearsome of sins, and even sinful thoughts. Thus, make me surrender to You without fail, and purify me as I proclaim Your glories and remember Your power.

जीव शिव लागि’ परमाक्षर आकार
मुनि-वृन्द गाय श्रद्धा करि’ अनिवार

jīva śiva lāgi’ paramākṣara ākāra
muni-vṛnda gāya śraddhā kari’ anivāra

जय जय हरिनाम अखिलोग्र-ताप
नाश कर हेला गाने ए बड प्रताप

jaya jaya harināma akhilogra-tāpa
nāśa kara helā gāne e baḍa pratāpa

Commentary: Bhajana-rahasya-vṛtti:

O Lord, You have manifested as transcendental syllables (śabda-brahma ) for the benefit of the living entities. The great munis and maharṣis always faithfully chant Your glories. All victory, all victory to the holy name, which destroys all fearsome sufferings, even if chanted indifferently.

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