by Hermann Oldenberg | 1886 | 27,388 words

Most of the questions referring to the Grihya-sutra of Ashvalayana will be treated of more conveniently in connection with the different subjects which we shall have to discuss in our General Introduction to the Grihya-sutras. Alternative titles: Āśvalāyana-gṛhya-sūtra (आश्वलायन-गृह्य-सूत्र), Ashvalayana, grhya, Āśvalāyanagṛhyasūtra (आश्वलायनगृह्य...

Adhyāya I, Kaṇḍikā 2

1[1]. Now he should make oblations in the evening and in the morning of prepared sacrificial food,

2[2]. To the deities of the Agnihotra, to Soma Vanaspati, to Agni and Soma, to Indra and Agni, to Heaven and Earth, to Dhanvantari, to Indra, to the Viśve devās, to Brahman.

3[3]. He says Svāhā, and then he offers the Balis—

4. To those same deities, to the waters, to the herbs and trees, to the house, to the domestic deities, to the deities of the ground (on which the house stands),

5[4]. To Indra and Indra's men, to Yama and Yama's men, to Varuṇa and Varuṇa's men, to Soma and Soma's men—these (oblations he makes) to the different quarters (of the horizon, of which those are the presiding deities).

6. To Brahman and Brahman's men in the middle,

7. To the Viśve devās, to all day-walking beings—thus by day;

8. To the night-walking (beings)—thus at night.

9. To the Rakṣas—thus to the north.

10. Svadhā to the fathers (i.e. Manes)'—with these words he should pour out the remnants to the south, with the sacrificial cord suspended over the right shoulder.

Footnotes and references:


2, 1. This is the Vaiśvadeva sacrifice; comp. Śāṅkhāyana-Gṛhya II, 14, &C.


The deities of the Agnihotra are Sūrya, Agni, and Prajāpati. On Soma Vanaspati see the quotations given in Böhtlingk-Roth's Dictionary s. v. vanaspati, 2.


I think the division of the Sūtras should be altered, so that svāheti would belong to Sūtra 2, and the third Sūtra would consist only of the words atha baliharaṇam. In this case we should have to translate,


Manu III, 87.

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