Apastamba Grihya-sutra [sanskrit]

41,347 words | ISBN-10: 8186937838 | ISBN-13: 9788186937839

The Sanskrit edition of the Apastamba Grihya-sutra with the commentaries of Haradatta (called the Anakula-vritti) and Sudarshana (called the Grihyatatparyadarshana-vyakhya). The Apastamba Grihyasutra is a short treatise on Vedic rituals which, together with the Hiranyakeshin-grihya-sutra, belongs to the Taittiriya School of the Black Yajur-Veda. Original titles: Āpastambagṛhyasūtra (आपस्तम्बगृह्यसूत्र), Haradatta Anākulāvṛtti (हरदत्त अनाकुलावृत्ति), Sudarśana Gṛhyatātparyadarśanavyākhyā (सुदर्शन गृह्यतात्पर्यदर्शनव्याख्या)

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