The Flowering Vine of Devotion to Lord Hari

by Sarasvati Thkura | 14,715 words

The book contains the essence on how devotees develop love of Krishna, and how they bring Krishna under control through their love....

Text 34

tatraiva gaṅgā-yamunādi-nadyas
tatraiva tīrthāni vasanti sadyaḥ
tatraiva dharmāḥ sakalā ramante
yatreśa-bhaktir bhṛśam āvibhāti

tatra—there; eva—certainly; gaṅgā—the Ganges river; yamunā—the Yamunā—adi—beginning with; nadyaḥ—rivers; tatra—there; eva—certainly; tīrthani—holy places; vasanti—reside; sadyaḥ—at once; tatra—there; eva—certainly; dharmaḥ—virtues; sakalaḥ—all; ramante—perform pastimes; yatra—where; īśa—for the Supreme Personality of Godhead; bhaktiḥ—devotional service; āvibhāti—shines.

In the heart where the Lord's devotional service shines, the Ganges, Yamunā and other sacred rivers flow. In that heart the holy places of pilgrimage immediately take residence, and all virtues perform pastimes.


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