The Flowering Vine of Devotion to Lord Hari

by Sarasvati Thkura | 14,715 words

The book contains the essence on how devotees develop love of Krishna, and how they bring Krishna under control through their love....

Text 21

avihita-sukṛto 'pi yo vidhatte
salila-dalair api tat-pade saparyam
tam anu sakala-dharmikair albhayaṃ
nija-padam eva da dāti bhakta-bandhuḥ

avihita—not performed; sukṛtaḥ—materially pious activities; api—although; yaḥ—who; vidhatte—offers; salila—with water; dalaiḥ—tulasi leaves; api—although; tat—His; pade—at the lotus feet; saparyam—worship; tam anu—to him; sakala—all; dharmikaiḥ—by the materially pious; alabhyam—unattainable; nija—own; padam—lotus feet; eva—certainly; dadati—grants; bhakta—of the devotees; bandhuḥ—the friend.

If a person who has never attained any materially pious activities, worships Lord Hari's lotus feet by offering some water and tulasī leaves, the Lord, who is the friend of the devotees, and unapproachable by the materially pious, gives inreturn His own lotus feet.


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