Plate 12: Dakshinamurti (1)

Image title: Plate 12: Dakshinamurti (1)

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[Full title: Dakshinamurti, two examples of the same temple, Vijayanagara, Lepakshi, 16th century]

The divine teacher, seated on a hillock, under the sacred tree to expound the mystic depths of philosophic thought to sages, whose lives have been an example of untiring devotion to the study of the most profound problems of life, is shown with a serene face. The yogapaṭṭa, ascetic band, around his right leg, which rests on his left, the leisurely way in which the lower right arm comes over the knee, mark him as Yogadakṣiṇamūrti. Around him are a host of devotees adoring him.

Cf. Plate 13.

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This plate is contained in the book “Vijayanagara Paintings”, a valuable aid to the understanding of Indian iconography (also known as śilpaśāstra). The Vijayanagara empire was established in 1335 by Harihara, Harihara, Kaṃpa and Bukka (sons of Saṅgama) and grew to be a dominant power in the South. Painting has been considered in the Citrasūtra of the Viṣṇudharmottara, the early standard text on painting, as the premier art.

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