Figure 9: Abhaya-hasta

Image title: Figure 9: Abhaya-hasta

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Abhaya-hasta or Abhaya-mudra refers to the “hand-gesture of fearlessness”.—Abhayahasta conveys fearlessness and benign concept. This symbolizes the assurance of fearlessness, tranquillity and protection given by the deity to his worshipper. This hand pose is very common in the icons of Indian deities. The right hand, displayed palm outward with the fingers raised, remains turned towards the onlooker. Tills is mainly on the lower right hand. Abhayahasta is also referred to as Patakahasta (pataka-hasta).

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Both the Pancaratra and Vaikhanasa Agamas extensively deal with the technical features on temple art and architecture. Sometime , they detail certain stance or pose but do not mention the technical term: the same way.... In order to study and understand the iconography of the Vaishnava Agamas, is inevitable to consult the treatises on dance (Natya-shastra), sculpture (Shilpa-shastra) and architecture (Sthapatya or Vastu-shastra).

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