Ghasmari (fo-mu)

Image title: Ghasmari (fo-mu)

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This sculpture depicts Ghasmarī (fo-mu) from the Pao-hsiang Lou pantheon: a Lama temple situated in the garden of the Tz’u-ning palace in the Forbidden City (Gu-gong) at Peiping. It bears the serial-number 3A42: the first digit means that this image stands at the third of the six side chapels (from north to south); the letter A indicates that this statuette is situated in the boxes in the cabinets to the left (north) of the central altar. This image further bears number 139 which can be used to look it up in the Chinese index of the source book.

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These plates depict sculptures (inscribed pedestals) from the Lamaistic Pantheon found in the Pao-hsiang Lou (also, Bao-xiang Lou), embedded in the book "Two Lamaistic Pantheons" (1937) by Walter Eugene Clark; From Materials collected by the Late Baron A Von Stael-Holstein in 1928.

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