Naganatha (Tirukamesvarar Temple)

Image title: Naganatha (Tirukamesvarar Temple)

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Fig.67: Naganatha (Tirukamesvarar Temple, Villianur, Puducherry) is seated on an elevated place and under his foot a snake is depicted with its raising hood. All the characteristic Natha appendages are shown: matted hair, big kundalas, necklace like ornament, deer horn medallion, rings on his wrists and langoti. A yoga-danda is placed on a tail of the snake, on which Naganatha resting his left hand and his right hand in danda-hasta mudra is resting on his folded right knee.

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The Siddha/Natha tradition symbolize the most comprehensive understanding and application of the theoretical and methodological tenets of Tantric philosophy. There are many Siddha-centres all over the Tamilnadu. The temples in Tamil-Nadu contain the sculptures depicting the Tantric rites and the images of the venerated Siddhas in it.

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