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Chinese bowl — This bowl was a product of the Sung dynasty (960-1279) of china. It was discovered from Allaipiddi in Kayts Island and now being displaying in the Archaeological museum at Anuradapura.

Sinhala text (not proofread):

චීන මැටි බඳුන — මෙම බඳුන චීනයේ සුන්ග් (ක්‍රි.ව 960 1279) අධිරාජ්‍ය සමයට අයත් වූවකි. දැනට අනුරාධපුර පුරාවිද්‍යා කෞතුකාගාරයෙහි ප්‍රදර්ශනයට තබා ඇති මෙම බඳුන කයිට්ස් දූපතේ අල්ලයි පිඩ්ඩි වලින් සොයා ගන්නා ලද්දකි.


chīna mæṭi banduna — mema banduna chīnayē sung ( 960 1279) adhirājya samayaṭa ayat vūvaki. dænaṭa anurādhapura purāvidyā kautukāgārayehi pradarśanayaṭa tabā æti mema banduna kayiṭs dūpatē allayi piḍḍi valin soyā gannā laddaki.


china madi banduna — mema banduna chinaye sung ( 960 1279) adhirajya samayada ayath vuvagi. danada anuradhapura puravidya kauthugagarayehi pradarshanayada thaba athi mema banduna kayids dupathe allayi piddi valin soya ganna laddagi.

Automated translation (not verified):

Chinese Pottery — This vase dates to the Sung (960 1279 AD) imperial period in China. Currently on display at the Anuradhapura Archaeological Museum, the vase was found at Allai Piddi on Kites Island.

Gallery information:

These photos were taken at the Maritime Museum in Galle (Sri Lanka) which include objects recovered from the 2nd century B.C. Godawaya shipwreck. The Maritime Museum is housed in Galle's historic Dutch warehouse (built in 1671) and opened its doors on May 9, 1992. The Maritime Archaeology Museum is serving as a centre of education for various groups of visitors and researchers of Southern region of Sri Lanka.

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Date: 2023-09-17
Camera: SONY ILCE-6400
Exposure: 1/160
Aperture: f/4.5
ISO: 3200
Focal length: 28mm

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