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Lakhang (Lhakhang):—In Sherpa Language “La” means “God” and “Khang” means “house / room”. Lakhang means house/room of God. In Solukhumbu area every Sherpa’s house has a room (Lakhang) where they pray to God, Lord Buddha. They welcome Lamas and the respected persons, guests to have tea in the room . If some family members are going for trekking or climbing, they are offered “Khada” in this room, wishing them for their successful trip. Actually, a room in which Sherpa performs religious activities or ritual performance is known as Lakhang.

The word Lakhang can also be spelled as: Lakhanga [la-khanga], Lakhāṅg [la-khāṅg] or Lakhāṅga (लखाङ्ग) [la-khāṅga]. Alternatively, it is known as Lhakhang (Lhakhanga).

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